amyyrom10_09 (amyyrom10_09) wrote in rsqubf,

please pray; thanksgiving for protection

Hi all. I just wanted to ask your prayer. This past Saturday my family was involved in a head-on collision. We were on our way to the library heading south and a young man (who lives only 2 blocks from our house) heading north skidded on the icy road and crossed over the middle line and crashed into our car. I saw it coming and we were able to get over to the right lane and slow down a little before he hit us. We thank God for his mercy and protection and to be alive. We thank God that all 3 of our boys had their seatbelts on. Please pray for the healing and recovery of our older 2 boys. Joe, who is 10, had to get stitches in his forehead; our 7 year old Matt's whole left side of his face swelled up immediately. The paramedics had both of them in neck braces and strapped to stretchers for fear of neck or spinal cord injuries; but the CAT scans and x-rays for them and myself all came back negative. So we thank God for that; it could have been a lot worse. Jamie and Luke, our 5 year old, were ok. Through this so far I was able to witness to my mom and 1 of my sisters, telling them how our lives could be taken any moment and that we have to be ready to stand before the Lord. I was able to share with both of them at length the way of salvation. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to work in both of their hearts and show them their desperate need for the Lord. Please, Please pray the Lord would give us many more opportunities to witness to other family members, friends, and neighbors through this. We pray God would use this "accident" for his glory and purposes, especially the salvation of souls and whatever other purposes He would have.
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