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John Jun's new direction to abuse students 
12th-Feb-2006 08:59 pm
John Jun sets a new direction to abuse college students. Follow the link to read his speech on this new direction. His speech gives many new insights on what is going on in UBF. It seems that UBF is ready for another division. It is difficult to clearly understand what he is trying to do. His speech seems to be very politically oriented. His speech seemed to be a compromise to stisty the UBF seniors who are loyal to Samuel Lee and his family members and at the same time to satisfy the junior leaders who are younger than the UBF seniors and try to get past UBF old generations. He tried this when he was in Korea but he failed. He could not satisty both Samuel Lee and the reform-minded leaders. The result was the division. I see the same scenario working behind his speech. He doesn't seem to have any spiritual mandate from God. He is only trying to make the two groups happy, which eventually will fail as it happened in Korea a few years ago.
13th-Feb-2006 04:27 am (UTC)
Third, we should have a system suitable to the size of UBF. For example, if a small store becomes a supermarket, the owner should manage it with the system of a supermarket. UBF has grown into a world wide community and its spiritual ministry has to be managed with a system suitable for its size. For this, UBF has set up 9 committees within the International Advisory Board. I will encourage the committees to take responsibility for their role and work. The world wide UBF ministry will be looked after by the chairs and members of the committees.

Jun says that he will change UBF management from store management to supermarket management. He considers this change only in terms of size. What he doesn't consider is that this change will inevitably entail the change in infrastructure. No one can change a store into a supermarket by only changing how to manage it. A new management will necessarily be accompanied by sometimes radical change in its infrastructure. What could be infrastructure in the current UBF store? Of course it is the UBF mindset set up by Samuel Lee for his self-glorification. Another is the current UBF power structure also set up by Samuel Lee for his ambition to set up a long-lasting dynasty run by him and his family members. These are the two most significant infrastructures in the UBF store.

John Jun will not succeed in setting up a supermarket in the UBF store with these two infrastructures still intact in the process. As one can see in his speech, he does not mention how to dismantle these two infrastrutures in ths process. So the changes will be just at the level of cosmetic changes with core abusive infrastructures still intact in the process of turning the UBF store into a supermarket.

Since the absolute power is gone in the UBF store, the number of people with progressive ideas will increase in the UBF store, even among the 9 committees, which Samuel Lee devotees will condemn as lack of absolute attitude or as corruption. History proves that. So sooner or later, the group of people with progressive ideas will clash with the loyalists who will try to maintain the current power structure for the glorification of Samuel Lee and his family, which actually happened in the UBF store not long ago. When we look at Korean history, we find many similar problems and failures in Korean corporate organizations, political organizations and churches that led to division based on blood relation, regions where one grew up and schools from which one graduated. They say that Korean people have very strong tendency of trying to belon to certain tribe or certain sect based on these things (blood relation, regions, schools) to have access to guaranteed security and protection. The UBF store is walking in the same direction and Jun is going to be busy in catering the two groups until he is forced to kick out another group as he did in Korea.
13th-Feb-2006 04:50 am (UTC)
Peter Chang's Report

Peter Chang presented the following prayer topic in his report.

5. 360 spiritual leaders; Germany a spiritual HQ for world mission

Is Peter Chang the new UBF general director for a spiritual HQ for world mission? Is Bonn the UBF HQ for UBF world mission now? Is Peter Chang trying to say that he will not recognize the leadership of John Jun?
13th-Feb-2006 07:12 am (UTC)
Is Peter Chang the new UBF general director for a spiritual HQ for world mission? Is Bonn the UBF HQ for UBF world mission now? Is Peter Chang trying to say that he will not recognize the leadership of John Jun?

No, that's not anything new from Bonn. Chang always tried to give the impression that Bonn UBF was the "real" European HQ (though at that time Cologne was the European HQ). This pretension allowed him to push his followers even more. At that time he could not claim he was the world HQ because Samuel Lee would not have tolerated such a phrase. But now, the leadership is weak and he can say and do what he wants. Nobody cares what he does anyway. Bonn UBF members are used to such megalomaniac statements, and they never make any reality checks. The Bonn UBF members don't know what's happening outside in the world, they don't even know what's happening in UBF outside their chapter. For them, Peter Chang is God and the center of the universe.

Note that he did not say "Bonn a HQ", but "Germany a HQ" (though of course he means Bonn). It's just a way to give the "Germany a holy nation" a further spin - "Germany the holiest nation of all others." (Deutschland, Deutschland über alles! - sounds familiar).

What I find intereseting and rather bizzare is the following sentence: "Mother Sarah Barry and M. Dr. John Jun: 100,000 missionaries by 2041". It goes along with the recent tactics to make the time-frames of their "visions" longer so nobody will be able to check whether it really happens, after their visions for 2000 failed miserably. But here, a "planning goal" (or what is it?) for the year 2041 is coupled with the names of two old-timers who will surely die long before. What a nonsense.
14th-Feb-2006 04:34 am (UTC)
Bonn UBF members are used to such megalomaniac statements, and they never make any reality checks.

I have never read Peter Chang's message. So I do nout know anything about his theological reasoning. But conisdering his wording in the report, it seems to be very clear that he is megalomaniac. He reminds me of King Rehoboam, the son of King Solomon, who delared, "My little finger is thicker than my father's waist."

I think that Peter Chang believes that his little finger is thicker than John Jun's waist and anybody's waist in UBF. But the problem does not end in Peter Chang one person in UBF. In fact I know that most of the UBF leaders think about themselves just as Peter Chang thinks about himself. Any UBF leader believes that his little finger is thicker than John Jun's waist since Samuel Lee is gone. At least that was the impression I had about UBF before I left UBF. So what does John Jun think about himself? He probably thinks that his little finger is the thickest in the whole UBF. Peter Chang is just one example of the problem in UBF.
14th-Feb-2006 10:57 am (UTC)
Yes, that megalomaniac attitude is very common in UBF, but in Bonn it is particularly extreme and also rubs off to the followers of Peter Chang. Actually, it is one of the reasons why people stay in UBF, because leaders give them the impression they are so important and saviours of the world if they stay in UBF. As Joe already mentioned, they may "pioneer" a city or even a whole nation. Joachim, who dissociated from Bonn UBF for a while and then recently joined back, wrote in his recent testimony about how he now wants to be a missionary to North Korea, China, and the Muslim world. Note the world "AND", not "OR". He probably did not even start to study Chinese or Muslim culture and language. It's so completely unrealistic and presumptuous. But this is what they learn in UBF. If they leave, this gigantic balloon of hot air would immediately burst with a loud bang. That's one of the reasons why they cannot leave.
13th-Feb-2006 02:59 pm (UTC)
Jun is implying here that the size of UBF changed significantly, so that a change in the organization structure is necessary. But is this true? Has the size of UBF changed significantly over the last years? I doubt it. They have lost a lot of members during the reform, and now they have probably won a few back, but I don't believe there has been any significant change in numbers. So why this talk about small store and supermarket?

The only change that is indicated is "UBF has largely ignored the Internet in the last years, now we will use it a little bit more (in order to spread propaganda and recruit new members and look more attractive)." That's the only thing I understood, the rest was pretty nebulous.
13th-Feb-2006 05:53 pm (UTC)
I think a comparison to a grocery store or supermarket is quite apt. A UBF General Director has to have this sort of business mentality.
25th-Feb-2006 11:28 pm (UTC)
I've heard that Jun comes in with a stated mandate for all of UBF to "double" its membership in four years. He really sounds like Rehoboam in 1 Kings 12.
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