human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

John Jun's new direction to abuse students

John Jun sets a new direction to abuse college students. Follow the link to read his speech on this new direction. His speech gives many new insights on what is going on in UBF. It seems that UBF is ready for another division. It is difficult to clearly understand what he is trying to do. His speech seems to be very politically oriented. His speech seemed to be a compromise to stisty the UBF seniors who are loyal to Samuel Lee and his family members and at the same time to satisfy the junior leaders who are younger than the UBF seniors and try to get past UBF old generations. He tried this when he was in Korea but he failed. He could not satisty both Samuel Lee and the reform-minded leaders. The result was the division. I see the same scenario working behind his speech. He doesn't seem to have any spiritual mandate from God. He is only trying to make the two groups happy, which eventually will fail as it happened in Korea a few years ago.

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