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"Mother" Sarah Barry's Life Testimony 
14th-Feb-2006 08:34 pm
Hi all. Check out Sarah Barry's life testimony (in the World Mission News section) that she probably shared recently at the transfer of power ceremony. Here's part of what she wrote:

"Samuel Lee and I are very different. It seems unlikely that we could work together for 40 years in the pioneering of UBF. This was not what we planned; it was what God planned. It was God¡¯s grace to me. Samuel Lee was a shepherd. He loved those around him with a shepherd¡¯s love. He also loved me and cared for me with a shepherd¡¯s love. I gave my heart to God first, then to Samuel Lee and to Korea. I decided to trust God¡¯s work in Samuel Lee. God used him greatly."

What especially sticks out to me is when she said, "I decided to trust God's work in Samuel Lee." I think this is just plain wrong and the cause of great trouble and evil in UBF. You don't just trust that whatever someone is teaching and practicing is of God; we are to examine every person's teachings and practices in light of God's word. We are all called to be like the noble Bereans in Acts 17:11 who did not quickly accept whatever Paul said without first examining scripture to see if it was in agreement. The Bible says we all fall in many ways. We are all wrong at times so we need to always keep going back to the scriptures and holding each other accountable. We need to continually hold people to God's word and Sarah Barry DEFINITELY failed to do this with Samuel Lee-- allowing many false teachings to go unchecked while she just "trusted that God was working in Samuel Lee". God's word would have showed her otherwise.

Just a few of the false teachings in which Sarah Barry failed to thoroughly examine the scriptures, challenge Samuel Lee, and root out of UBF:
--arranged marriage by church leaders
--spiritual order
--use of titles "Father" "Mother" "Shepherd"
--All are called to be Bible teachers
--ignoring other gifts of the Holy Spirit
--Cursed Woman's Desire
--Samuel Lee's training people rather than God discipling people
--1:1 Bible teacher becoming mediator between you and God
--Telling members to divorce spouse
--Neglecting your children for sake of World Mission (as Christy Toh used to say, "Trust that God will take care of them"
14th-Feb-2006 05:23 pm (UTC)
Amy, you’re hitting a very crucial point here. It’s the core of the whole misery of UBF. This false teaching is known as “covering.” It basically goes like this:

Since I do not trust myself and my understanding of the Bible, I pick somebody as my spiritual leader (my “mediator” or “covering”). Now my “faith” has been focused on only point, believing that this person is “the servant of God”. From now on, I will follow this man and obey this man. I will do everything he says, even if I think it is wrong, because I believe the man is closer to God and wiser than I am. Like a gambler, I put all my eggs in this one basket. From now on, I cannot make any wrong decisions any more, since I just obey. Thus I cannot make anything wrong any more. God cannot judge me any more, he must judge my “covering” for telling me something wrong, he “covers” for my sins in following him. (So goes the wrong belief.)

But this is a fallacy. God will judge those people for following a man, not God. God will not judge somebody who is not so wise for not understanding the Bible completely. He will measure everybody with an appropriate measure stick for the respective person. But He will not allow anybody to shift the responsibility for his or her life to somebody else, and trust in men more than in the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus Christ can be our covering.

I also observed this “gambling spirit” (putting everything on one card named “Samuel Lee”) very clearly in Kaleb Hong, the Europe leader. He knew the problems of Samuel Lee. But he had the same spirit of “obey him anyway” as Sarah Barry, and both taught this wrong spirit to the others. When Lee had died, Kaleb Hong said he was now “handing over his soul to Mother Barry”, i.e. she became his covering now.

Ms. Barry wrote “I gave my heart to God first, then to Samuel Lee.” But what she did not write was that she “gave her obedience first to Samuel Lee, then to God.” Sarah Barry’s phrase “I decided to trust God’s work in Samuel Lee.” is a very good summary of her faith. At least she is honest about that. At the bottom of her faith, and the faith of many others in UBF there is this one belief. It makes life pretty easy. But this is not faith according to the Bible. It is following a man, who as a false Christ. There is only one true Christ, only one Good Sheperd. If you follow anybody else, you are a fool and you will be fooled.

By the way, this gambling spirit also explains why the leaders will not change. They have already gone too far, they have put their whole life on this one card. They have “nothing to loose” any more (so they believe).
14th-Feb-2006 05:35 pm (UTC)
I gave my heart to God first, then to Samuel Lee...

... is what you'd expect someone like Sam Lee's wife to say. She's touted as someone who "gave up her marriage." But in terms of commitment and loyalty, she virtually married Sam Lee. It's easy to see that very little good could come of such an unbiblical dedication of her life and devotion.
14th-Feb-2006 05:43 pm (UTC)
This is so warped. She wanted to be a missionary for Korea, and the spirit of UBF says you are a missionary for lifetime and don't go back to your home country. However, she followed Samuel Lee to the USA instead of staying in Korea. This shows she is honest about loving Samuel Lee more than Korea. Maybe she believes that she gave her heart first to God, and only then to Samuel Lee, but her behavior shows the opposite. Whom you trust more is the one who has your heart. She trusted Lee more than God.

Or maybe one has to understand "first, then" chronologically? Then "I gave my heart to God first, then to Samuel Lee..." would be a perfect description of her life of faith.
15th-Feb-2006 02:05 am (UTC)
This near-marriage-level loyalty on her part to Sam Lee is a confirmation of what was observed by someone who saw the two of them operate more than 10 years ago:

"[Barry] turned into the classic codependent enabler--a role she played to perfection for years, always deflecting criticism from Sam Lee [as abusive father] and acting as a 'safe' outlet ['comforting (spiritual) mother'] for those of us who needed to complain."

It also confirms what a Korean senior-level leader who left UBF in the early 90s said to me about what Barry told him, that she had made it her life's work to build up and and support Sam Lee's leadership by any means.
14th-Feb-2006 05:36 pm (UTC)
I want to make another point: Even if Samuel Lee had been a good leader and taught properly, instead of being an abusive power monger and false teacher (Amy has listed already a few of the evil practices introduced by him), even if everything had been ok with Samuel Lee, God would judge Ms. Barry for following and trusting a man, and not trusting the Holy Spirit. The whole point about being a Christian is having a *personal* relation with God. That's one of the things UBF talks so much about but fails so miserably. Most of them do not have a personal relation with God, but a "mediated" relation.

It's still time for her to repent. To any UBF member who is reading this: Talk to her about this point. Warn her. We tried to do this a few years ago, but she decided not to listen to non-UBF members and not even answer us. But if you are in UBF and do not warn her, you become guilty. Don't believe Samuel Lee will cover her when she is standing before the throne of God. Instead, she may be confronted there by an aborted child who is accusing her (yes *her*, since she allowed so much power to one man and allowed him to do and command anything he liked and taught others to obey him unconditionally).
14th-Feb-2006 09:58 pm (UTC)
Just to illustrate my point. This is how a future meeting of Ms. Barry, Mr. Jun and Mr. Lee may look like if they keep that attitude:
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