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"Mother" Sarah Barry's Life Testimony

Hi all. Check out Sarah Barry's life testimony (in the World Mission News section) that she probably shared recently at the transfer of power ceremony. Here's part of what she wrote:

"Samuel Lee and I are very different. It seems unlikely that we could work together for 40 years in the pioneering of UBF. This was not what we planned; it was what God planned. It was God¡¯s grace to me. Samuel Lee was a shepherd. He loved those around him with a shepherd¡¯s love. He also loved me and cared for me with a shepherd¡¯s love. I gave my heart to God first, then to Samuel Lee and to Korea. I decided to trust God¡¯s work in Samuel Lee. God used him greatly."

What especially sticks out to me is when she said, "I decided to trust God's work in Samuel Lee." I think this is just plain wrong and the cause of great trouble and evil in UBF. You don't just trust that whatever someone is teaching and practicing is of God; we are to examine every person's teachings and practices in light of God's word. We are all called to be like the noble Bereans in Acts 17:11 who did not quickly accept whatever Paul said without first examining scripture to see if it was in agreement. The Bible says we all fall in many ways. We are all wrong at times so we need to always keep going back to the scriptures and holding each other accountable. We need to continually hold people to God's word and Sarah Barry DEFINITELY failed to do this with Samuel Lee-- allowing many false teachings to go unchecked while she just "trusted that God was working in Samuel Lee". God's word would have showed her otherwise.

Just a few of the false teachings in which Sarah Barry failed to thoroughly examine the scriptures, challenge Samuel Lee, and root out of UBF:
--arranged marriage by church leaders
--spiritual order
--use of titles "Father" "Mother" "Shepherd"
--All are called to be Bible teachers
--ignoring other gifts of the Holy Spirit
--Cursed Woman's Desire
--Samuel Lee's training people rather than God discipling people
--1:1 Bible teacher becoming mediator between you and God
--Telling members to divorce spouse
--Neglecting your children for sake of World Mission (as Christy Toh used to say, "Trust that God will take care of them"
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