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Please replace "TopSpot" with SamuelLee/SarahBarry/JohnJun", and… 
14th-Feb-2006 09:35 pm
Please replace "TopSpot" with SamuelLee/SarahBarry/JohnJun", and replace "the kingdom" with "UBF" and find many more funny UBF comics here.

15th-Feb-2006 01:39 am (UTC) - Re: never saying sorry = no repentance
Joshua: How do you know Samuel Lee didn't repent privately? He could have repented by doing world mission and taking care of other children well (Joshua said this last part in regards to the abortions.)

His definition of "repentence" is the same definition that Sam Lee used throughout his absolute rule in UBF. Repent of abusing others by "working harder for mission," which doesn't ever address the system that encouraged the abuse. The UBF definition of corporate repentence is clearly no repentence at all. Such is the pattern of most cults and abusive groups.

Someone who abused authority to such a point in a normal church would be given the opportunity to repent AFTER BEING FORCED TO RESIGN from his/her office. Not only is there no repentence in UBF, there is also no justice. Such is the pattern of most cults and abusive groups.

Years after the ordered abortions (which Mr. Hong seems to admit really happened), Sam Lee was not only still in office but continuing to encourage the neglect of children, the giving away of children as a condition for certain UBF marriages, usurped the role of parents in UBF families, declared the intention to create a "concentration camp" to discipline UBF children, drove one to suicide (a case Mr. Hong is intimately aware of) and declared that another child's suicide was the result of "laziness." I don't call that "taking care of other children well."

A warning about Joshua Hong was post earlier.
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