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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
subpoenas in divorce case 
17th-May-2005 12:26 pm
Hi everybody,

Just wanted to share the excitement with everyone. I just got subpoenas issued for the Chicago ubf bank accounts at the Devon Bank in Chicago, requesting copies of all ubf accounts at the bank for the month ending January 2002 (when they first started the divorce)

I also got a subpoena issued for the accounts of both Sam Mule Lee and Sara Bury at the Bank of Benoit in Mississippi for the same period. Not sure what to expect, but it could be dynamite.

Will keep you posted.
(Deleted comment)
17th-May-2005 07:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the encouragement. This should be very interesting, anyway everyone will know what the ubf is really sitting on. I was adding things up in my mind about the assets of the ubf, it is just so huge. For example, I looked up the two houses of Ben Toh at the Cook County Recorder' office. Ben Toh bought his first house with $80,000 down in 1997. Two years later he paid off his entire $150,000 mortgage. Then two years after that he bought another house with $90,000 down. So in just four years, the guy came up with $320,000 cash just for his houses. Oh yeah, and he needed alot of money to fix up the second one. He had been a failed doctor all this time, making less than an RN.

That is just one guy. Mark Yoon's house was for sale at like $400,000 last year. He had no mortgage, tho he put five kids in very expensive colleges and graduate and medical schools. Who paid for this house and that tuition and the expensive carshis kids drove? There are many others like Ron Ward, Sam Mule Lee Jr., Little Sarah, Grace Lee, there was the rumor that Sam Mule Lee gave Joseph Ahn Jr. $200,000 to pay off his medical school loans (Northwestern U med school). The ubf in Chicago owns like fifteen buildings, just tore down two of them to build a new memorial building to Sam Lee. The new building has three levels of basement and an elevator!

There are guys in the other chapters too doing the same things. John Park, Never Work Yoon, PHong. Isaiah Yoo in LA resigned from his chapter and never turned over any money or any bank records that his wife kept for 20 years. A couple years earlier he said publically there was $60k in their ubf bank account, but he never showed anything to anyone. The new group had to start all over at zero, they probably don't exist anymore. James Valdez found out later that the main expenses for the chapter was $2000 per month to Humble Yoo, their children's music lessons, buy a car for the Yoos, etc.

This group is collecting way too much money.

They really fell in love with money.
18th-May-2005 01:30 pm (UTC) - Another sort of memorial
The ubf in Chicago owns like fifteen buildings, just tore down two of them to build a new memorial building to Sam Lee. The new building has three levels of basement and an elevator!

Chicago UBF has plans to purchase or has already purchased a parcel of land in the north suburban cemetary where many UBF members are already buried. The plan is to make it a UBF memorial site (same burial place for everybody). The purchase price? In excess of $145,000. I wonder if the average Chicago UBF member knows about this.
19th-May-2005 01:26 am (UTC)
That is good news. The bank records will reveal exactly what UBF has been storing up.

How soon do you think you will have the information? Can UBF stall as they have with other proceedings in your divorce?

Nick, God bless your continued struggle.

1st-Jun-2005 08:57 pm (UTC) - got the statements, looking them over
Hi everybody,

We have obtained the statements about the ubf accounts at Devon Bank for the month of January 2002. I requested them because this is the month that Yvonne filed for divorce, I am trying to show clearly that the ubf paid her attorney for the divorce action. They are denying and even submitted sworn statements with false information. The judge did not respond much to the fact that an officer of the court submitted false sworn statements. Kinda discouraging. I have come to the conclusion the courts couldn't care less about the common people. They see the common person as a nuisance and interruption of their day.

I am looking the statements over, will ask for more info tomorrow or Friday. Oddly, on the one statement, there were two checks written for $80,000 each in Jan 2002. Look at the top posting of this thread, and it says that Ban Toh bought his first house with an $80,000 down payment. For his second house Toh threw down $90,000. It makes me wonder, did two ubfins buy new houses in Jan 2002?

I have a trial date for June 9, 2005 at 2 pm. It appears to me that even this will not be sufficient to get rid of these people.

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