hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

Nothing changes in Heidelberg...

This week, the semestral invitation campaign of Heidelberg UBF started again. When I was in UBF, we made a new flyer with a new picture, text and verse every semester. But since I left UBF, they did not change the flyer any more, and they do not care to have a picture or anything special on it and more. Maybe a sign that they have not much time and ressources, or are completely desillusionized.

The thing I perceive as sheer mockery is that since then (about 5 years ago), they are using the same verse every semester, in large letters on the invitation flyer: "The truth will set you free." It's so cynical, since in UBF the truth is not worth a penny, and instead of setting people free, the leaders try to enslave them and put them under tutelage. For me it is the utmost decpetion and hypocrisy. Shame on you, UBF.
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