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Missions Incredible South Korea sends more missionaries than… 
11th-Mar-2006 06:19 am

Missions Incredible
South Korea sends more missionaries than any country but the U.S. And it won't be long before it's number one.

Has anyone seen this article in the current issue of ChristianityToday? I saw the cover of the magazine but I haven't read the article yet. Here is the link: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2006/003/16.28.html

If you read it before I get around to it let me know what think. If other Koreans have a tendency to be like UBFers this could be a scary prospect. What does this say about the state of Christianity in America? Why are Koreans so anxious to go out as missionaries? Conversely, why are Americans so reluctant? Look forward to seeing what the article actually says and hearing your comments. Wonder if it mentions UBF?
19th-Mar-2006 06:42 pm (UTC) - not single out Koreans
Hi grace_x,

Thanks for visiting this forum, and welcome. I would like to assure you that our intention has never been to denigrate Korean people as a whole, tho we probably are guilty of this on ocassion. So we apologize to you and yours.

I have met a number or Korean people who are not affiliated with ubf, and they appear to me to be very different from Korean members of ubf. The non-ubf Koreans seem to be very hardworking and ambitious, totally committed to their families, and realistic in their thinking. I found ubf Koreans to be the opposite in these categories. The most glaring attribute I saw in the ubfKoreans is that they are dishonest in their words and actions. I do not see this in non-ubf Korean people. I think this is because they do not feel pressured to lie about their church or their intentions in inviting someone to their church. So I conclude that the dishonesty of ubf Koreans is solely derived from being in ubf, not from being Korean. The Americans in ubf, and all the so-called leaders, are dishonest people. I could name names and tell you some awful stories, but will not post them here. But in the obvious case, I was married to a dishonest ubfAmerican. Her American recruiter was also one of the most dishonest people I have ever met in my life. Follow the dishonesty up the ladder, and it ends with Samuel EE and Sara Bury. Dshonesty and decpetion are the real heritage at ubf.

I hope you may vist us often and share your unique perspectives with us.
God bless.
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