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Colonia Digninad members apologize

Reuters reports that former German cult in Chile apologizes for abuses. That German cult is the well-known "Colonia Dignidad".

Here are some typical patterns and methods of abuse by cult leaders that also apply to UBF:

"Since we have been liberated from the domination of Paul Schaefer we have come to understand that our community lived its religious faith as a hermetic sect, which accepted the transformation of the personalities of its members and made them incapable of making decisions contrary to his wishes as sole leader," former cult members said in the letter.

Transformation of personality to make people obey the leader, that's all what UBF is about, too.

"Soon after we started and amid confessions of sin only to him, Schaefer came to know each of us completely, and he took advantage of that to dominate the community," former cult members said [...].

This is similar to how in UBF sin confession in sogams is only in the direction from members towards the whole group, and the more delicated things towards shepherds/leaders in 1:1 sessions (either directly to the leader, or the shepherd will retell it to the leader - Kaleb Hong always asked us to tell him the sins the sheep were confessing, even if the sheep explicitely requested to tell nobody). The other direction, where a leader would confess a sin in front of a group or his sheep, is not practiced in UBF. Leaders know everything about the members, including their sins, but members know nothing about their leaders.

"Cutting us off from the outside world and forcing us to sever relations with our families and relatives, he was able to establish absolute control," the letter said.

That is also well known from UBF.

The letter, addressed to "Our co-citizens in Chile and Germany," ended with a pledge by former cult members to collaborate to help reduce any suffering they had caused.

Will such a letter ever be issued by those who followed Samuel Lee and abused others doing so?
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