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Taken from an article written by a Christian in Uganda, a land that experienced a great Christian revival, but is also plagued by all sorts of cults and self-proclaimed "prophets" and "pastors" now (just like Korea):
A danger of these cultic bodies is that victims lose a sense of self and personal identity. They are distanced or isolated from their families, friends and society in general through various brainwashing techniques.

Because of this, once stable families, marriages and other social relationships disintegrate or totally break up as victims get bonded to the cult leadership.

Victims become unable to individually define who they are, what they are, where they are, how they are and why, meaning, they can't pursue their own visions.

A survey of those who have been deceived by false teachers will reveal men and women whose marriages have been broken, children and parents whose relationships have been totally destroyed and men and women who freely re-marry, having abandoned their first relationships without remorse.
I have experienced the latter in my UBF chapter. When the wife of our spiritual-giantly "Abraham of faith" wanted to leave UBF (leave UBF, not God!), he was told to divorce from her and marry another girl from my chapter. He did so without remorse. The advice was given by Samuel Lee directly, who had also arranged his first marriage.
You will also find people whose relationships outside the group are either curtailed or totally broken and people who can't do anything without seeking the blessing of their leaders.

In most cases followers are mere implementers of their leaders' decisions in every aspect of life, no matter the leadership's level of expertise.

This serves the interests of the leaders and is the reason many people have been economically, socially, physically, spiritually and politically ruined.

Victims of these cultic entities are subjected to financial, material, physical and spiritual exploitations and ruin.

This happens because before they realise they are in the wrong hands, victims feel they should practise 'good' stewardship and contribute all they can to satisfy the leadership's needs.

Many give all their wealth in the hope that God will be pleased to bless them multifold. Through such activities, people have been dispossessed or robbed of their homes, had their bank accounts emptied and seen their businesses collapse in the name of the Lord.
Applies to UBF completely.

Cults are basically the same everywhere. I am tired of these doctrinal-based definitions of a cult, of these people who claim because UBF has an orthodox "statement of faith" it cannot be a cult. Open your eyes. Cults are so similar, independent of whether they appear as non-Christian, pseudo-Christian or Christian ("Bible-based"). It's all the same. The doctrine is only a facade, it has no practical meaning in a cult. Rather, it's all about controlling, manipulating and exploiting people and the egomaniacal desires of the leadership, money, power, domination.
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