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brainwashing in Korean churches

The following article appeared in one of the leading Korean newspapers. I translated the part of the article in English.

인터넷 공방에 이은 이날 2라운드에서 1백여 명의 지켜본 가운데 류연구원은“목사들이 교인들에게 ‘우리 교회 나와야만 구원 받을 수 있다’면서 사람들에게 자유롭고 열린 사고를 못하게 세뇌시켜 이성과 합리성을 박탈하고 있다”고 비판했다. 구 목사도“기독교인들이 성도들의 잘못은 치리(징계)해도 되지만, 목사들의 잘못에 대해선 하나님이 심판하므로 성도들이 치리해선 안 된다는 잘못된 상식에 빠져 있다”며 “가톨릭 교황이 그런 소리를 했을 때 캘빈마저도 ‘그런 무식한 소리가 어디 있느냐’고 했다”고 말했다. 비리를 밥 먹듯 저지르는 목회자와 이에 맹신하며 옹호하는 신자들의 문제에 대해선 이견이 없었다.

In today’s second round of talk which followed the previous internet debate, Mr. Ryu, a research associate, said critically of Korean pastors. He said that they take away free and open thinking from their church members by preaching to them that they will be saved in no other churches but in their own. They are brainwashing their church members in this way and are depriving them of their rational thinking and sound reasoning. Pastor Ku also pointed out that many Korean Christians are misled to believe that church members should not try to discipline their pastors when they commit sin because it is God who will discipline them but ordinary church members must be disciplined by their pastors. He also quoted Calvin who once said that “it is an absolute nonsense” when the pope mentioned something similar regarding the accountability of church leaders. They both were of the same opinion on the problem of Korean pastors who commit corruption with no hesitation and the Korean Christians who blindly support their pastors.

Note: Pastor Ku is the director of Christian Alliance for Church Reform and Mr. Ryu is a research associate at Saegil Institute for Christianity and Culture
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