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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
It's easy to "serve" when you're getting praise 
3rd-May-2006 09:20 am
I find it curious that in our testimonies, we were never able to mention the work of others in our lives unless they were UBF members. Continued in comments...
3rd-May-2006 03:10 pm (UTC)
Although I looked at other sources, it was ultimately the Bible that led me to a personal relationship with God.

As discussed in other post, the ultimate goal of UBF is to convert a precisou soul into a UBF soul. That is why UBF leaders discredit other sources but the Bible. Well there seems to be nothing wrong with helping anyone regard the Bible as the ultimate source in building up personal relationship with God. In fact it must be encouraged in any good Christian evironment.

What we have to consider at this point is this. When a UBF leader encourages sheep to regard the Bible as the ultimate source, does he mean the Bible itself or does he mean UBF-style bible study based on UBF theology? When we consider everything practiced in UBF and all messages preached in UBF, we cannot but conclude that the Bible study in UBF is nothing but promoting as ultimate source UBF-style bible study based on UBF theology that was developed by Samuel Lee one person.

If any good Christian leader believes that the Bible itself is the ultimate source, he/she would encourage sheep to use not only his/her bible study but also any good and noble references to build personal relationship with God. The good Christian leader will do so because he/she is more interested in making the sheep followers of Jesus rather than in making the sheep committed members of his/her own church.

UBF teaches that ultimately UBF one to one Bible study and Samuel Lee's theology are the only source to build personal relationship with God. Even though UBF agrees that there are other good sources and other people who can help sheep, ultimately UBF will cut off everything other than UBF from sheep's life to convert the sheep to a UBF soul. The sheep will breathe in UBF and breathe out UBF. The sheep will obey UBF absolutely. He can never leave UBF. That is the ultimate goal of Samuel Lee's theology.

Why does UBF make sheep share in public testimonies revised by UBF leaders? When you share your testimony in public, you seem to be more bound by it than the testimony you share in private. In case you leave UBF, UBF leaders can use the testimony to paint you as a betrayer of Jesus and people will buy that since they heard your testimony even though they do not know that your testimony had been revised many times by UBF leaders. So once you are involved in UBF activity and leave, you are a bad person damned by God. Once you are in UBF, you either must become a UBF soul or become a damned person.
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