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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
It's easy to "serve" when you're getting praise 
3rd-May-2006 09:20 am
I find it curious that in our testimonies, we were never able to mention the work of others in our lives unless they were UBF members. Continued in comments...
4th-May-2006 04:56 am (UTC) - Re: The program of bondage
If I recall correctly, he was maneuvered by Little Sarah into an arranged marriage in Korea (a specialty of Little Sarah's). If I also recall correctly, the marriage was very short-lived. Funny how that's not mentioned in the praiseology.

Wasn't Little Sarah also involved in the scandal of extra-marital affair? There are also many scandalous accusations against the son of Paul Younggi Cho, the senior pastor of the largest church in the world, located in Seoul Korea.

He has history of extra-marital affair. He also has history of misusing his father's church money. Mr. Ku and Mr. Ryu, appeared in this article, also claim that pastor Cho and all his family should resign from the posts they hold in the church if they really want to help Korean Christianity. They say that pastor Cho and his family are the biggest stumbling block to Korean Christianity.

If UBF wants to repent, the Lee family should resign from all their direct/indirect involvement in UBF affairs. Until this is done, UBF will keep on walking in its past evil path to degrade a precious soul to a UBF soul and glorif Samuel Lee and the Lee family. The Lee family owes it to all current UBF members and former members. No one owes anything to the Lee family.

Especially Little Sarah should have nothing to do with marriage. She is not qualified. Her only qualification is that she is a daughter of Samuel Lee, which is not any qualification at all. I had several occasion to talk to her very briefly. She tried to put on some kind of mysterious aura. But when I heard things come out of her mouth, I felt disgusted at her shallowness. I never wanted to talk to her or see her ever again.
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