human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

China's oil quest and human rights

There is a very interesting article posted on China's disregard for human rights is going to make the world very difficult place to live. That is why disregard for human rights at any level is anti-world peace and anti-Christian. China's oil quest and her disregard for human rights will certainly affect what the world believes about our human rights. Therefore any church based on sound teaching of Jesus should never preach that Jesus didn't mind violating human rights to help others.

UBF teaches that human rights can be violated for the sake of helping others. (But in reality UBF does not help people spiritually. It only tries to convert people to its committed members by any means.) What would be the implication of this UBF teaching in this world that is already going through so many difficulties? Chian's oil quest and UBF's quest for making students in the world committed members are making this world unsafe place because they will not hesitate to violate human rights for the sake of their quests. Disregard for human rights at any level is not a small matter. It can affect at least gas price next time when you are at a gas station.

Please pray for Chinese leaders and UBF leaders to repent and use their power to protect human rights so that we can live peacefully in this world.
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