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Putting God to the Test in UBF 
20th-May-2005 03:54 pm
Matthew 4:6-7 says 6"If you are the Son of God," he said, "throw yourself down. For it is written: " 'He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’ 7Jesus answered him, "It is also written: 'Do not put the Lord your God to the test.'" Jesus quotes Deut. 6:16 16 Do not test the LORD your God as you did at Massah. The background is in Exodus, chapter 17. The Israelites grumbled to Moses because they did not have any water to drink. They quarreled with Moses, demanding water. Moses responded by saying that the Israelites should not put God to the test (Exodus 17:1-7). The Israelites tested God in that they expected that since they left Egypt, God would provide for them immediately. They put God to the test because they claimed that if God was really with them, He would immediately provide what they wanted.

I argue that in many cases when UBF leaders require their members to make decisions of faith, they are actually asking members to put God to the test. For example, UBF members often neglect their children with the premise that if they focus on UBF mission, God will take care of their children. One family decided to leave their infant by herself to attend prayer meetings with the justification that God will protect their daughter. These parents put God to the test. "I will leave my child by herself to attend morning prayer meetings. Because this is mission work, God will protect my child from harm. This is no different than if Jesus would have jumped from the temple and said "I am the Messiah, God will protect me."

Students are told to neglect their studies to sacrifice many hours preparing for conferences, special worship services, and to study with X number of sheep per week. UBF leaders claim that God will give them A's because the students are doing God's work. This is putting God to the test. “I will not take the proper time to study, but God will provide an A.”

About six years ago, I had an exam on the Tuesday after the Easter Bible Conference. I gave a message along with other requirements and did not have time to study for the exam the week before. I arrived home late Sunday night, so I did not have a chance to study for the exam until Monday morning. I studied all day and all night Monday to prepare for the exam. I called off work to study. I received 100%. At the time, I write in a testimony that God blessed my decision to deny studying to serve the conference. In reality, I crammed my studying into one day. Further, the exam was not one of the more difficult exams I have ever taken. I could not have done that with many other exams. I put God to the test. I prayed that God would provide me with an A because I was serving the Easter Bible Conference. God blessed me with an A. It was not because of I served the conference. God blessed me with an exam that required less strenuous preparation than many of my other exams

One former shepherd from UBF was blessed with an excellent job to provide for his family. He quit this job to move to another city to join two pioneering missionaries. The shepherd knew that quitting his job would cause many financial problems for his family. Family income would be significantly diminished. The shepherd thought that God would provide whatever finances his family needed because he had quit his job to do UBF pioneering mission work. . “I will serve you, so you must provide for me.” God had already provided him with a good family, job, and home. Yet, he thought that if he gave up what God had given him for God’s work, that God would provide everything again. This puts God to the test

The main point is that UBF members are wrong to impose upon God that He should give them some blessing because they used their time to serve UBF mission work.

These are two examples of putting God to the test. Can anyone think of any other examples of being asked to put God to the test in UBF?
20th-May-2005 08:41 pm (UTC) - UBF and Yong-Gi Cho drink from the same fountain.
I think UBF, Yong-Gi Cho and unfortunately too many Korean Christians drink from the same fountain. They tend to talk a lot about getting "God's blessing." And the way to get "God's blessing" seems to be to somehow coerce God or force God's hand by doing what we think are good works. And God's blessing often seems to mean material blessing, material blessing beyond what we need, beyond our daily bread. They misuse Matthew 6:33. For them, the payoff in Matthew 6:33 is too often not the provision of our daily bread, but it is "God's abundant blessing." They claim to use verses like Matthew 6:33 to merely teach that we should "give first priority to God," but in their twisted world, giving first priority to God means things such things as setting aside everything to go to their conferences or Sunday meetings, neglecting one's children, giving "first-fruit" offerings, ...

An example that comes to mind immediately of a UBF person putting God to the test and arriving at a completely immoral conclusion about God as a result is here.
21st-May-2005 12:34 am (UTC) - Re: UBF and Yong-Gi Cho drink from the same fountain.
and unfortunately too many Korean Christians drink from the same fountain.

Not that non-Korean Christians are exempt from such corruption.
11th-Jun-2005 08:32 pm (UTC) - Child neglect
I'm quoting from the Bonn chronology at ubf-info.de:

"08/13/2003: A student reports that during the last Bible conference of Bonn UBF, again small children were left without supervision. A cult commissioner reports a similar, particularly extreme case which happened some time ago. According to the report, the police, alerted by neighbors, had to break open the apartment of UBF parents, where a small child cried without interruption. They found the infant, caged in a playpen, only with a bowl of milk which had tipped over meanwhile, left all alone in the apartment. The parents were away for a Bible conference of Bonn UBF."

This and other numerous examples of gross child neglect in UBF are examples of UBF parents being asked/coerced/indoctrinated/brainwashed to put God to the test by neglecting their children to give their full time and attention to UBF functions. I myself put my kids (infants) in risky situations (leaving them with up to 16 other UBF kids and a non-English speaking elderly Korean woman for 3-4 days) to attend UBF conferences.
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