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The problem of commitment 
25th-May-2006 10:17 pm
The following Bonn UBF Sunday message talks about commitment problem among young people. “Commitment” is another popular theme in UBF. But UBF never discusses seriously about the biblical meaning of “commitment”. If one reads the passage from Bonn UBF message, he/she will find that UBF’s rendering of the problem of “commitment” is so pathetic.


Another problem of people which comes from fear seems to be no commitment to anywhere because of their pleasure-seeking mentality. There was a medical student. He attended one of the UBF conferences. He came to his shepherd and cried a long time with a loud voice, "Never again will I be a person like I was before. I want to be a new person. I will give all my heart and all my soul to God and live for the glory of God." It was unbelievable. He was changed so drastically. Then, just the next day, he didn't appear at the prayer meeting in the afternoon. Even after one month he didn't appear. It was very difficult for him to quit his desire to enjoy pleasure. One student wanted to commit to his girlfriend. But his pleasure-seeking desire to have another girlfriend made it impossible for him to commit. He cannot commit even to himself or to his girlfriend, who has been hanging around him for the last twelve years. Both of them have passed the prime age of childbirth.
26th-May-2006 03:19 am (UTC)
The German author claims that people have fear of commitment because of their pleasure-seeking mentality. The author talks about a medical student as an example to illustrate the problem of no commitment. Therefore the author believes that the medical student has the problem of no commitment because of his pleasure-seeking mentality.

How did the author come to the conclusion that the medical student has the problem of no commitment? The only evidence he presents is that the medical student didn’t show up at UBF prayer meeting after the allegedly drastic change had occurred to him in the UBF conference. How could the author conclusively claim that the medical student has commitment problem by just observing that the medical student did not show up at the prayer meeting the next day?

One of the best ways to see if a person has a fractured wrist is to take x-ray picture. The x-ray picture is very strong evidence to conclude whether one’s wrist has been fractured or not. However we cannot use x-ray to determine if one has commitment problem. Personally it is very difficult for me to follow the German reasoning that one has commitment problem if one does not show up at UBF prayer meeting. It is not logical impossibility that the UBF prayer meeting had a problem of its own that had prevented the medical student from showing up. How was the German author able to find conclusively the connection between the student’s problem of commitment and his not showing up at the UBF prayer meeting?

Another question to be answered is about the alleged change that the UBF conference miraculously produced in the student. It is very interesting to note that the German author gives all the credit to the UBF conference for the wonderful change occurred in the student. At this point one cannot say if the change was the work of the Holy Spirit or if it was the result of emotional elation orchestrated by the UBF conference. But the German author doesn’t say anything about the nature of the UBF conference.

Does the medical student really have the problem of commitment? Or is it the case that the UBF conference and the UBF prayer meeting have a problem?

Most of all when the German author speaks of commitment, what does he mean by commitment? Is he speaking of the commitment to Christ or is he speaking of the commitment to UBF organization? It is clear that no commitment of Christ is a problem. But is no commitment to UBF a problem? If one is committed to Christ, he/she necessarily needs to commit to a church which is a body of Christ. But is UBF a church that is a body of Christ? There are so many concerns about UBF being a church that is a body of Christ. It is rather more like a business organization geared to the glorification of Samuel Lee and his family. UBF forces people to commit themselves more to UBF organization than to Christ. In this regard, one cannot say that UBF is a church.

The problem of commitment in UBF does not seem to have anything to do with the problem of commitment to Christ. The problem of commitment preached in UBF is synthesized based on the business mind of the UBF leadership. The synthesis of unnecessary/unbiblical sin or problem is one clear trait of a cult.

In general commitment is praised as a virtue in any society. So is faithfulness. That is why it becomes very difficult to say anything against these virtues—commitment, faithfulness—when they are presented to many people who also regards these virtues greatly. But now we know that there are some church leaders who have nothing but business mind to take advantage of those who sincerely live according to such great virtues. I think the German author is one of them.

26th-May-2006 02:34 pm (UTC) - only one commitment considered worthy in this church
When we were too committed to our jobs, families, or previous engagements to attend any one UBF function, we were criticized for lacking faith or commitment to the ministry. It seems the ONLY acceptable commitment is to UBF?
27th-May-2006 03:24 pm (UTC) - typical ubf garbage
When we read the flow of the message, it is the same old ubf template for teaching the Bible falsely and with negative psychology.

First, the writer piles on all kinds of negatives about those who are 'in the world' or 'unbelievers' This is actually just referring to non-ubfins, and those who are not committed enough to ubf. The speaker paints a nasty picture of death, fear of death, drowning in death. That is the ubf propaganda about anyone who is not ubf. It is also meant to plant anxiety and even paranoia about those who consider rejecting the ubf life. They describe a young man who had paranoia to the point of committing suicide. It seems like they are incorrectly describing a guy from Chicago named Jim G., who did not play basketball but was an accomplished gymnast. He was never a professional athlete. It says he lived in a mansion, but jumped from the eighth floor. So the message claims he lived in a mansion house but jumped from the eighth floor of his high rise apartment building.

In reality, the young man became very sick after joining ubf, and being told that he must quick taking his medications if he wanted to get married by faith in ubf. I think his ubfKorean shepherd should be forced to jump to his own death for leading him astray.

Then, they begin to paint a picture of some Bible characters, in this message they use Paul and David. And then, the most important part, they pivot to talking about some ubfins who are just like Paul and David. In this case, the main ubf hero is a second gen ubfin who is actually totally spoiled, a benefactor of ubf leader corruption thru his corrupt and money loving father. But he is labeled as courageous and a man of faith, tho he is a total coward and cannot be compared to David. Then some people called the 'trio shepherds', who are not even worthy of having their own names, they only exist as part of a group of three ubfs recruits. I think they are not Korean and are thus mentioned last.

The ubf business mind is clearly revealed in that in Bonn Germany they are very concerned about 'pioneering' several American Ivy League Schools. How can the helpless German recruits do anything for American Ivy League schools? Possibly the PChang connection in the US is trying to squat at the Ivy League schools (as a fringe group)? And it also mentions ubf commercial branches of Co-World marketing and the Senfkorn music-for-hire scheme. And then close the message by proclaiming how great Dr. Peter (Puke) Chang is, how he overcame godless slanderers and persecutors.

That message from Bonn has nothing to do with the Bible. That message is psychological garbage, propaganda for the scum of the earth.
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