human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

The problem of commitment

The following Bonn UBF Sunday message talks about commitment problem among young people. “Commitment” is another popular theme in UBF. But UBF never discusses seriously about the biblical meaning of “commitment”. If one reads the passage from Bonn UBF message, he/she will find that UBF’s rendering of the problem of “commitment” is so pathetic.

Another problem of people which comes from fear seems to be no commitment to anywhere because of their pleasure-seeking mentality. There was a medical student. He attended one of the UBF conferences. He came to his shepherd and cried a long time with a loud voice, "Never again will I be a person like I was before. I want to be a new person. I will give all my heart and all my soul to God and live for the glory of God." It was unbelievable. He was changed so drastically. Then, just the next day, he didn't appear at the prayer meeting in the afternoon. Even after one month he didn't appear. It was very difficult for him to quit his desire to enjoy pleasure. One student wanted to commit to his girlfriend. But his pleasure-seeking desire to have another girlfriend made it impossible for him to commit. He cannot commit even to himself or to his girlfriend, who has been hanging around him for the last twelve years. Both of them have passed the prime age of childbirth.
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