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Korean newspaper 
26th-May-2006 07:04 am
The Hankyoreh, a leading Korean newspaper, has finally launched website in English. There is a very interesting article about a Korean church on the website. The senior pastor of this church has been charged with mishandling church fund and found guilty. Now he is trying to "build a religious dynasty in Korea". "Building a religious dynasty" by Korean pastors and their followers are not unusual. Just think about the Lee family in UBF and the Moon family in the Unification church.

26th-May-2006 04:29 pm (UTC) - Lee family business
Very nice article. It almost reads like an American newpaper article. I would not have known that it was about Korean groups, the article is very well written, in a subdued tone. They did not seem to fawn all over the convicted party, but tried to just state some of the facts of the situation. That is commendable.

They also mentioned that the convcited man had womanizing problems (very common among ubf leaders like Yang, Abe Lee, EE Chang Woo, PChang Bonn, Dave Jun, and many many others etc, etc, etc.)

Also, the church bylaws seem to be very rigid and stacked against doing the right thing. For example, the corrupt pastor is able to pass along his business to his son by approval from a small committe, and this is guaranteed by the church bylaws. All power and authority is held by a select few, and they are accountable to nobody. Even the church body leadership seems to be powerless to intervene. The corrupt guy can step aside but still control the church thru his son, over whom he probably has absolute control.

The Lee family business used similar techniques such as using church money to buy allegiance, or quiet critics, and even now it looks like they are buying some favor among outsiders thru the use of engaging them to a conference speech and paying 'honorarium'. Ruth Tucker seemd to change her tune about ubf 180 degrees after being a speaker there, and now she is willing to lie and deceive for the cause of ubf. There are new 'hired guns' (or maybe 'hired mouths') who are willing to say something positive about ubf, but they are not stupid enough to join ubf and recieve their 'training'.

Have a great Memorial Day. God bless.
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