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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
The commitment trapdoor 
29th-May-2006 09:09 am
Recently we discussed about how UBF defines commitment as something only relating to UBF, and how they pressure people to become “committed” (to UBF, i.e.).

The treacherous thing about this commitment pressure is hat commitment in UBF has a “trapdoor” character, it is a one-way street. By this I mean that UBF makes it for you extremely easy to commit yourself to everything they want – weekly Bible study, attending conferences, attending sogam sharing sessions and prayer meetings, playing an instrument at the worship service or joining the choir, or take a duty like typing in or correcting the message for the leader every week, but they make it difficult and virtually impossible for you to ever give up that commitment in order to commit for something else (e.g. if you see you need to take more time for your study or your parents). If you want to leave a commitment, you suddenly need to reason why, you need a good excuse, and no excuse will be good enough in UBF. You will be called “unspiritual”, lazy, uncommitted, “pleasure-seeking”, following your desires of the flesh, and everything that was mentioned in the message quoted by human12. Once they got you committed to something in UBF, you cannot get out of it any more. Instead, they immediately start and try to get you committed to the next thing. And the more weekly commitments you already have, the easier it will be for them to cajole you into the next thing, because they meet you every week and can easily find a situation in which you wouldn’t say “no”. (Saying “no” to anything would be considered “unspiritual” anyway.) [more in comments]
30th-May-2006 07:01 pm (UTC)
In reality, UBF does not sell "commitment" but "business mind".

One might say then "Is business mind bad?" Not at all. That is not the point of my arguement. Without the business mind of modern entrepreneurs, modern society cannot be sustained. Here I am argueing against a particular type of business mind such as the business mind to fake accounting book of a company or the business mind of false advertisement of products and services etc.. This type of business mind is not only harmful to our society but also a threat to the very foundation of the modern civilization. I am argueing that UBF business mind is this kind of harful one.

We who are in Christian ministry are not in the business of "controlling" the conscience of people. We are in the business of "helping" them to follow their own good conscience based on biblical teaching. UBF teachings are more of "controlling" one's conscience than "helping" one follow his own conscience based on the Bible.

Behind this "controling" one's conscience is UBF business mind to increase the number of its committed members. UBF business mind "controls" one's conscience with false teachings that appear to promote great virtues such as 'commitment', 'faithfullness' and 'obedience' etc..
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