pecowas (pecowas) wrote in rsqubf,

What Can I Gain From Admiting I Am In A Cult?

UBF members and other cult members often accuse former members who confess that they were in a cult of lying, exaggerating the truth, slandering, or vengful. Many people will lie to benefit themselves or to hurt others in vengence. For example, one may lie about being harassed at work to make money in a law suit. Often, people lie in order to get a date. One may lie about being oppressed in order to receive sympathy, praise, or donations from the world. There are many cases in which lying benefits people in terms of short-term worldly praise and profit at the expense of others.

However, I cannot think of any benefit we could attain from admitting that we were in a cult. I am certainly not going to acquire a better job by admitting I am in a cult. I am not going to make myself more attractive to women by admitting that I am in a cult. I am not going to make any money from being in a cult? I am not going to destroy the cult, because it will always continue with a deluted core membership. I am not going to make friends, neither among Christians nor non-Christians by admitting that I am in a cult. In fact, admitting that I am in a cult to Christians with no cult experience has only caused confusion. Most people either think cult members were foolish for "allowing" the cult to control them or that it is just misunderstanding or exaggeration.

Therefore, I conclude that there is little, if any benefit for anyone to admit they were in a cult. I ask those who would accuse former members of cults as liars; why would they lie?
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