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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
What Can I Gain From Admiting I Am In A Cult? 
5th-Jun-2006 08:06 pm
UBF members and other cult members often accuse former members who confess that they were in a cult of lying, exaggerating the truth, slandering, or vengful. Many people will lie to benefit themselves or to hurt others in vengence. For example, one may lie about being harassed at work to make money in a law suit. Often, people lie in order to get a date. One may lie about being oppressed in order to receive sympathy, praise, or donations from the world. There are many cases in which lying benefits people in terms of short-term worldly praise and profit at the expense of others.

However, I cannot think of any benefit we could attain from admitting that we were in a cult. I am certainly not going to acquire a better job by admitting I am in a cult. I am not going to make myself more attractive to women by admitting that I am in a cult. I am not going to make any money from being in a cult? I am not going to destroy the cult, because it will always continue with a deluted core membership. I am not going to make friends, neither among Christians nor non-Christians by admitting that I am in a cult. In fact, admitting that I am in a cult to Christians with no cult experience has only caused confusion. Most people either think cult members were foolish for "allowing" the cult to control them or that it is just misunderstanding or exaggeration.

Therefore, I conclude that there is little, if any benefit for anyone to admit they were in a cult. I ask those who would accuse former members of cults as liars; why would they lie?
7th-Jun-2006 09:28 pm (UTC)
So at one point my wife accepted his advice for her to be separated from me and she 'obeyed' him believing that she was obeying God's direction. She took our 6-month-old son and left me to go back to Korea. I have never experienced such a traumatic event in my whole life. You come home one day and find your son and your wife gone with no trace! Then bunch of UBFKorean elders visited me in a shock and told me that I was receiving a 'divine discipline' from God!

What a story! You'd think it is unbelievable, but I believe you because I experienced something similar. My chapter leader kind of kidnapped my fiance (we had been engaged for one year) only days before our planned wedding. He told her to pack her things and come with him to another UBF chapter in the area. Only there, he told her that I had become unspiritual and she needed to stay there and would not go back with him. The leader's wife lied to me she did not know where my fiance was. Well, that was really a traumatic experience. At that time, my mother was visiting me and asked me where my fiance was, and I could not even give an answer. The same leader had for 10 years claimed to be my special friend and spiritual mentor. Yes, they are unashamed to exploit friendship and trust. I had never in my life such bad "friends" as in UBF. As soon as the leader told anything bad about me, and as soon as I left UBF, they stopped being my friends.
8th-Jun-2006 03:07 pm (UTC)
Only there, he told her that I had become unspiritual and she needed to stay there and would not go back with him.

My wife said that Samuel Lee told her that I had become unspiritual too! I delievered a message one day in a meeting. My wife told me that everyone liked it. But I did not follow UBF convention of copying Samuel Lee's stupid message. I prepared the message based on my own understanding and research. I always thought that Samuel Lee's message lacked basic reasoning and rigorous research. I was also working toward phD at that time. One math professor liked my work and wanted me to join his team. But Samuel Lee and his cronies pressured me hard to stop my study and to work full time for UBF work. I told them many times to just leave me alone. But they kept on telling me that I had to 'commit' myself to 'the work of God' first, which of course didn't make any sense to me because I was already fully committed to the work of God. Then they said that I had become a mental patient! My wife also believed that I had become 'spiritually sick' even though I don't think she even knew what she was talking about. She was on Samuel Lee's side and I was the only one on my side. This caused a lot of trouble in our marriage. I didn't want UBF come between her and me. But they said that it was very 'unspiritual' idea. Then a few days later I came home only to find that my son disappeared with my wife.

My son told me that he sometimes feels distance between me and him. Strangely I feel exactly the same from time to time. So finally a few weeks ago, I told him everything that had happened about 10 years ago. I never told him about the separation before. After that, we are doing much better now. I was also very mad at my wife. It was very difficult for a long time for us to come to reconciliation. For such a long time she believed that she did what she did because she was obeying God when she took my son and left me to go back to Korea. She also told me that Samuel Lee made her believe that the separation was the only way to 'help' me. She said that to make her obey him, Samuel Lee used the story about Abraham's faith to sacrifice his one and only son Isaac to obey God! Samuel Lee told her that she should love God more than her husband by using the Abraham's story! So she decided to accept his advice. Now finally she told me a few days ago that what she did to me was very wrong and what Samuel Lee and UBF did to her and our son was very terrible. But I also understand that she did what she did because she was manipulated to believe that what she was doing was the best for our family at that time. Anyway it has been such a long journey for both of us to finally attend the Wednesday prayer meeting at the Moody church yesterday.
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