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UBF Message Softens Abortion

Part of UBF's dirty history is that Samuel Lee ordered some women to have abortions in the name of God's mission. Previous discussions revealed that UBF members do not have a firm stance that abortion is murder and a horrible sin in the eyes of God. At the 2004 Summer Bible Conference, Amy Young asked Sarah Barry what she thought of abortion? Barry responded "Well, in my opinion it's wrong; I'm against it. But you know me; I never got married. I never had the chance." UBF members will not hold Samuel Lee accountable for such terrible sins and have been willing to defend him. In yesterday's Sunday message, UBF reveals that they do not believe that abortion is murder in the sight of God.

The following is a quote from the Chicago UBF message delivered on Sunday, June 11, 2006. The message is based on Matthew 15:1-20 and titled, "The Commands of God and the Traditions of Men"

"In verses 4-6, Jesus dealt with a specific command of God to give a concrete example. Yet the general truth that Jesus teaches applies on a broader scope. All of the Ten Commandments are the absolutes of God and must be honored above tradition, human reason and all manner of human teachings. In light of this passage it is essential to discern between modern culture and the Ten Commandments. There are things that are legal in our nation and culture which are a violation of the Ten Commandments. For example, it is a legal right in many modern societies to abort an unborn baby. Being legal does not make it right. It is virtual murder in the sight of God."

In the portion of the message, the UBF messenger writes that the legality of abortion in many countries does not make in right. Then, he writes that abortion is virtual murder in the sight of God. Why did the messenger add virtual to the sentence? Why did he not just write "It [Abortion] is murder in the sight of God? The answer is that UBF wanted to soften the sin of abortion by using the word virtual.

The definition of virtual, according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is "being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted." By using the adjective virtual, the writer claims that abortion is "in essence" murder, but is "not formally recognized or admitted" to be murder. Thus, in the sight of God abortion is not murder or God does not recognize or admit abortion to be murder. This slight addition of one word to soften abortion reveals UBF's continued relativistic viewpoint of abortion. This message is telling UBF members that abortion is not right in God's sight, but do not consider those who abort to be murderers.

UBF leaders continually fail to take a clear stance on an issue. If UBF really believed that abortion is murder in the eyes of God, the Sunday messenger at their world headquarters would have said so. UBF wants to play both ends. They want to deliver a message stating that abortion is "not right" to appease critics, but does not want to clearly state that God considers abortion to be murder to avoid offending the pro-choice Lee-loyalist leaders remaining in UBF
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