human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

If you don't like how we do it, you can go??

We discussed briefly the problem with Kiev UBF and its director Dr. Peter Kim. When one of the member of the Kiev UBF confronted Dr. Peter Kim with problems in his organization, Dr. Peter Kim said to the member, “If you don't like how we do it, you can go.” The more I think about his blunt answer, I cannot but help doubting the integrity of Dr. Peter Kim as a spiritual leader.

“The ex UBF member (from Kiev) wrote that he got disturbed about many problems in UBF. So he compiled a list with the most irritating things which were going on there, and he asked the leader to speak with him about this list of issues. The leader refused to even look at the list, but answered: "If you don't like how we do it, you can go." So he left. But it shows again that UBF leaders do not even want to know about grievances in their church or their own leadership, not to speak of *changing* anything.”

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