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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Narcissistic tribute to themselves! 
18th-Jun-2006 01:13 am
There is a website that I found known as ubftv.org, which is made by UBF specifically for all of their videos. On the site, you can watch people give lectures from the past and present. At least this way, college kids who get exposed to UBF can look at the site, see just how ridiculous their hokey messages are, and distance themselve from UBF ASAP. Their vanity of looking at themselves and marveling at their self-acquired fame and honor is both repulsive and disgusting. Well, when you have nothing else but each other, that is all you can lean on. It's not like they are relying on the work of the Holy Spirit or anything. Anyhow, that was just an FYI.

18th-Jun-2006 07:56 am (UTC)
The website is not functional yet. But it seems our observation is right. After years of neglecting the Internet, they now put a lot of effort in it, with many professional looking websites and new technology (podcast, video etc.). It's probably an attempt to impress the public, other churches and their own members. However, the content is the same ridiculous stuff. They even have something about "founder's day."
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