hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

UBF's new three-year-plan

Did anybody read John Juns short message "To double the work of God by 2010"?

The message is very obscure.

* How can anybody "double the work of God"? Only God can double the work of God.
* It is not clear what the verse and the message has to do with the idea of doubling the work of God.
* How do they measure "double"? Double the prayer? Double the invitations? Double the membership?
* Who invented that "prayer topic"? (He says only "We have a clear prayer topic..." as if everybody already agreed)
* Why not triple the work of God? Who sets up such numbers?
* The wording reminds me a bit of a Stalin three-year-plan
* Reminds me also of 2Mo 5:18

Anyway, it seems UBF leadership is currently very determined to increase their business, after the big exodus in 2000 and following stagnation.
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