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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
UBF Exitees? 
21st-Jun-2006 12:08 pm
How has the evacuation of UBF been coming along? Could anyone tell me if RSQUBF is still helping people leave UBF? I would like to see some posts of people's notes about leaving, and how RSQUBF has helped them see the truth about UBF, as well as help in their recovery. In addition, does anyone have a feel of how anti-UBF sites such as this have impacted the current and loyal UBFers? What have shepherds done in response in a positive nature? (I don't think I'll get much positivity on that one.) Anyway, sometimes it is good to evaluate what we are doing and how God has been working through us. It can be a great encouragement. Encourage each other through your stories on this thread!!!


21st-Jun-2006 10:42 pm (UTC)
Many people have left UBF in the last years through the information that has been revealed in the Internet. However, these people rarely write testimonies, because they believe everything has already been written, and they cannot contribute any new aspects. Also, they usually leave in a very early stage already, when they haven't yet experienced so much spiritual abuse as the long-time members. Of the long-time members, not many have left. They rather have become more stubborn and indoctrinated.

I would not like to give concrete examples and names, because UBF lurkers are reading here.
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