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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Praising the women 
22nd-Jun-2006 12:43 am
One UBF insider told me that the WMR in Korea was mainly a self-glorification, and that it was particularly embarassing to see how extremely Sarah Barry and the wife of Samuel Lee were praised.

That's one typical aspect of UBF: They really like to celebrate themselves, not leaving out any anniversary or "historical" event about UBF, and heaping a lot of praise on themselves and their leaders.
22nd-Jun-2006 12:29 am (UTC) - For What is Grace Lee Praised?
I do not recall while Samuel Lee was alive hearing any great acts of faith, works of God, or shepherds raised by Grace Lee. The UBF historys do not mention Grace Lee accept when Samuel Lee praises her for not rebuking him much. Grace Lee appears to be one of those people who are famous for being famous, receiving praise and attention for no apparant reason. She is riding the coat-tails of UBF to UBF fame and UBF fortune.
22nd-Jun-2006 04:10 am (UTC) - Already received their reward
When the absolutely nauseating World Buffet bashes for Barry happened in consecutive years (1999-2000) and when she was said to be better than Mother Theresa in Sunday sermons, you could perhaps blame Sam Lee for promoting such idolatry.

But there's no excuse anymore. Barry shows more and more in her actions that she approves of herself being given idol status in UBF.
22nd-Jun-2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
What I really observe with amazement is the effort and professionality UBF now puts in this self-glorification through websites and videos like this one. I think this will be pretty impressive for people who don't know what UBF is all about. A real propaganda movie! (Here is the 2nd part).
24th-Jun-2006 03:28 am (UTC) - the movie shows ubf is a cult
This well choreographed ubf propaganda movie reveals the story of a cult. There are big hints in this movie. One of the first hints is that Sara Bury refused to live with the American missionaries. She became isolated, and probably took on the psychoses of EE Chang Woo.

There is scant mention of how EE Chang Woo became one who is qualified to lead anyone else in the faith. It merely says he was serving in some church, but he had a great love for college students. Nobody can ever come out and clearly say who is this man EE Chang Woo, and what may have been his training (if any) in the faith. Also, it does not say how Bury became qualified to lead anyone in the faith (In reality she was not an ordained missionary and was not qualified to give baptism or communion in the Pres. Mission) The same is true for all the ubfKorean 'giants' who are mentioned in the movie.

Another of the hints is that ubf is not accepted by any churches. The reality may have been that ubf was accepted by the Pres. Mission for awhile, but EE Chang woo denounced all churches and cut himself and the ubf off from the body of believers. This truth about ubf has been told so many times, so ubf should cover it up. Instead, the ubf still boasts about it.

There is a basic description of how cults are formed here at wikipedia


I see ubf as clearly the psychopathological cult model, and I believe that the extensive history of abuse at ubf is evidence that ubf is not a social cult but a psychopatholigcal cult. But ubf has constantly attempted to position itself as coming from the social cult model (the narrow focus on unsuspecting young adult college students), and pretending to be only helpful and a great blessing to anyone who comes into contact with ubf. Boolsheet.

Remember, the main signs of a destructive cult are a pyramid structure of authority, deceptive recruiting, a hidden agenda, thought reform processes that disables critical thinking, and the individual leaders are psychopathic social predators. A recipe for disaster.

In short, this is a stupid movie made by liars and jerks. They start with Underwood in 1880, move on to the Korean Civil War, and then Sara Bury and EE Chang Woo. It was too sickening to watch even the first part in entirety.
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