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The new mission strategies - for Korean ears only

Recently, Bonn UBF celebrated their 25th anniversary. We already talked about the habit of self-glorification and self-celebration in UBF, so I don’t want to talk about that aspect now. What I noticed it that John Jun attended that celebration and held a speech, and inversely, Peter Chang attended the John Jun inauguration and held a speech. So he is very well integrated in UBF now. Also, Sarah Hong (wife of the Europe UBF leader) held a speech at that anniversary event.

They have the videos of the whole program, with all speeches, music etc. on their website. It also included a testimony of Joachim, the “prodigal son” as a demonstration that even one-time critics now side with Peter Chang and repented (Chang invested a lot of effort on Joachim’s re-brainwashing). And, they have 3 powerpoint presentations abut their 3 new “mission strategies”, namely Internet, Business (CoWorld Inc) and Orchestra (ISMF). It is very revealing that these presentations were only held in Korean, although they had many German guests and members attending who do not understand Korean. It reveals their attitude that the rank and file members (even the “shepherds”) do not need to know such strategic things. This is reserved to the Korean leadership who is ruling over them.

Also, it is so absurd how Chang claims that doing business is a “mission strategy” or Changs activities with ISMF has anything to do with mission, because God is not mentioned at all in his ISMF concerts. They are completely secular. It is only to make him famous in the community of Koreans in Germany as a patron of Korean culture. There were musical presentations of all countries of the soccer championship, and guess who was responsible for the Korean presentation? Chang’s people. The ISMF is now a business on its own, and so is “CoWorld”, his computer equipment sales company. Inside UBF he brags how his other businesses serve "world mission." He knows he can tell UBF people the most stupid stuff, they believe and swallow everything.
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