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A questionable and incorrect UBF article

I was reading an article about UBF testimony on Washington UBF website. I find the following two paragraphs conflicting with each other.

Next, do it. The only way to start writing a testimony is to start writing a testimony. If you get stuck, pray and ask for God’s help. Then look at a message or lecture that someone else has written to stimulate your thinking and get more ideas. In UBF we have many excellent messages and lectures written by Dr. Lee, Mother Barry, Pastor Ron Ward and other well trained Bible teachers. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your testimony must be completely original, coming entirely from your own head with no input from anyone else. Originality is good, but learning from others can be even better. But don’t simply copy a message; make it your own.

5. Are Bible commentaries are useful?
Bible commentaries can be quite useful, especially when we study difficult-to-understand passages for the first time. It is often necessary to refer to Bible commentaries or other references (e.g. Bible dictionaries, Bible handbooks) to help us understand the historical context of a particular Bible passage or book. But commentaries are also limited for the following reasons. First, some opinions expressed in commentaries are questionable or even incorrect. Second, reading commentaries is no substitute for prayerful meditation on the living word of God. Jumping to a commentary too quickly, before wrestling with the difficult passage oneself, is unrewarding and may actually rob a serious Bible student of deep understanding. Third, in focusing on the details of individual verses, commentaries may fail to capture important connections between the verses. That is, they may help us to digest a single verse but not a whole passage or chapter. For your own Bible study, use whatever reference books you find helpful, but don’t depend on them too much.
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