hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

What makes UBF so scary

Most Christians think that ethics and ethical living is only possible if you believe in God. There is the famous statement in Fyodor Dostoyevski's "Brothers Karamazov": "When there is no God, everything is permitted. Crime becomes inevitable." The scary thing about UBF is that its founder has perverted this idea by arguing the other way around: "When there is God, everything is permitted. Crime is inevitable."

Because he claims that UBF is doing world mission, and world mission takes priority over everything else, he is allowed to use every means to reach this end. These means include inhumane trainings, covering up, trampling on the souls of people, ignoring basic human rights, misappropriation of money, manipulation, deception, lying, divorces and even abortions. Jimmy Rhee wrote in the year 2000 how Samuel Lee shouted "I can do everything for the glory of God!" when he just had ordered a woman to have an abortion. Jimmy Rhee had properly recognized that these two things belonged together.

I think this is really the crux of the matter. UBF defines itself as 'God's ministry.' Therefore they think they are above morals and above accountability, and no criticism is allowed. This is the fundamental perversion of ethics and reason in UBF.
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