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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
UBF, a baptized version of North Korea? 
7th-Jul-2006 12:34 am

North Korea's recent launching of missiles reminded me of a dance that I saw at the 2004 MSU conference. It was wildly popular. So much so that they had to do an encore to appease the audience. The basic premise is that some South Korean UBF missionaries go to North Korea and teach Kim Jong Il the Bible and he is instantly converted and North and South Korea are reunited.

The way North Korea operates reminds me a lot of UBF. They are both isolated and secretive and lie to the outside world about how great it is inside their society. They both elevate their leaders to the status of god-like being. The leadership of both exercise complete control over the lives of those under their influence and they both demonize those outside their their group.

If North and South Korea were to reunite, the North Koreans would probably be easy prey for UBF missionaries. But wouldn't they just be trading one authoritarian group for another? Isn't UBF just a baptized version of North Korea? What is the real motivation behind their "World Mission Vision"? Is it to save souls or to gain more influence and power over a larger group of people?

I may sound a bit melodramatic. However, like Kim Jong Il, UBF's activities would be laughable if the implications and consequences weren't so serious.

Anyway, enjoy the video it is kind of funny.

Here is the url:  http://www.ubf.org/global/videos/04msu/25-NorthKoreanDance.html

7th-Jul-2006 04:20 pm (UTC) - ubf fairy tale
ubf is very similar to N. Korea in many functions, attitudes, behaviors, personalities, etc. It would be incredible for the N. and the S. to reunite, but how can that be possible? In divided Germany, one side had to collapse in order to join the two back together. There were massive popular demonstrations in E. Germany, lead by Berlin, that led to the collapse of the Honecker regime. Once Honecker was out of the way, normal people and normal leaders could go about the task of reuniting. N. Korea collapsed a long time ago, but there's no demonstrations, no popular uprising.

Can the Koreas be reunited by sending a few ubfins to wave a Bible at Ill Kim Jong? Haven't there already been real Christian leaders who have met with Ill KimJong for many years? Ill Kim Jong has eradicated all the Christians he can find. One group estimates that in the entire country of N. Korea there are only 10,000 believers, and only fifty who are considered preachers. That is of a population of 23 million.

This guy ILL KimJong does not allow any religious freedom, does not allow people to use internet, radio, TV. The only ways to reunite would be military action, negotiation (which N. Korea never does), or popular uprising. ubf sees reunification as imminent by having a dance at MSU recital hall, another ubf fairy tale.
7th-Jul-2006 04:39 pm (UTC) - Re: ubf fairy tale
The former GDR collapsed because both its economy collapsed and the former USSR collapsed. The Honecker regime could only survive because of the power of the Kreml in the background. As soon as the GDR did not have the support of the USSR and did not fear it any more, it disappeared. However, in North Korea both its communist patrons USSR and China have changed, and the economy has collapsed, but North Korea still does not change. This is strange. It can only be explained with the fact that North Korea is a state run like a cult. That was different to the GDR. GDR people were not so completely brainwashed. Most of them did not really believe in the idea of communism or that their leaders were so good. In North Korea, the leader is a God and the Juche ideology is like a religion.

Regarding the video, I remembered how singing and dancing is really an instrument to control people. For newcomers and 2nd gens, these activities can be much fun. They remind me a bit of the singing and dancing in the German carnival clubs. Really: They practice such dances with costumes the whole year for their big events in the carnival season. The difference for UBF people is that they think engaging in such carnival activities is void or even sinful, while engaging in their own conference dances is so spiritual. So they can have both: Singing and dancing and fun, and the warm feeling of "doing something for the honor of God". I think that is one of the points that amkes UBF somewhat attractive to young people.
7th-Jul-2006 09:54 pm (UTC) - Re: ubf fairy tale
In North Korea, the leader is a God and the Juche ideology is like a religion.

I agree with you. I think that is exactly what is going on in N Korea. In UBF, Samuel Lee is like Kim Jong Il and Samuel Lee's theology (Samuel Lee's spiritual legacy) is like Juche ideology. The people of N Korea in general are responsible for their misery as much as Kim Jong Il. The same can be said about the people in UBF.
8th-Jul-2006 03:01 pm (UTC) - UBF's unification derangement syndrome
The basic premise is that some South Korean UBF missionaries go to North Korea and teach Kim Jong Il the Bible and he is instantly converted and North and South Korea are reunited.

Here's yet another example of UBF being divorced from any Christian norms of right and wrong and also their being divorced from the reality of their true status.

In anything resembling a Christian world view, Kim Jong Il, if he is converted, turns himself in to pay for his crimes against humanity, for the gulags and death camps and millions starved to death because of his family's cult-like grip over millions of people. But in UBF's triumphalist daydreams, he becomes a UBF convert, and UBF becomes the catalyst for Korean unification (UBF saves Korea and the whole world!). In the process, Kim gets the UBF corrupt leader treatment: he gets away with his crimes or gets a slap on the wrist.

This reminds of the time when Sam Lee declared on two consecutive Sundays that he should have won the Nobel Peace Prize instead of Kim Dae Jung. This also reminds me of Sam Lee's claims that UBF's prayers for "Russian mission" and for "Brother Gorbachev" led to the fall of the Soviet Union. Puhleeze!

Here's a bet: Kim Jong Il repents or North Korea collapses before any UBF leader repents.
9th-Jul-2006 04:48 am (UTC) - My favorite part of the clip was...
At the very end, with Ron Ward's quip of "Praise Jesus". The dude hasn't changed since I met him 10 years ago. (Has it been that long?) It's really sad, that they don't change. Maybe they want to be unchanging, like our Heavenly Father, but I don't think so. God is interested and gets excited about transforming people's lives through the power of the Holy Spirit, and it is obvious that these people are not interested in that, but in conformity to UBF. Mind you, I did get three good things out of UBF: my current wife, whom God definitely had in mind for me; quitting smoking; and beginning RSQUBF (post-UBF-humously). Other than that, not so much. Anyway, Ron, if you're reading this, quit the Konglish and go to seminary! That image is just TIRED, R-Dubble-Ya! L8R!
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