calledtobefree (calledtobefree) wrote in rsqubf,

UBF, a baptized version of North Korea?

North Korea's recent launching of missiles reminded me of a dance that I saw at the 2004 MSU conference. It was wildly popular. So much so that they had to do an encore to appease the audience. The basic premise is that some South Korean UBF missionaries go to North Korea and teach Kim Jong Il the Bible and he is instantly converted and North and South Korea are reunited.

The way North Korea operates reminds me a lot of UBF. They are both isolated and secretive and lie to the outside world about how great it is inside their society. They both elevate their leaders to the status of god-like being. The leadership of both exercise complete control over the lives of those under their influence and they both demonize those outside their their group.

If North and South Korea were to reunite, the North Koreans would probably be easy prey for UBF missionaries. But wouldn't they just be trading one authoritarian group for another? Isn't UBF just a baptized version of North Korea? What is the real motivation behind their "World Mission Vision"? Is it to save souls or to gain more influence and power over a larger group of people?

I may sound a bit melodramatic. However, like Kim Jong Il, UBF's activities would be laughable if the implications and consequences weren't so serious.

Anyway, enjoy the video it is kind of funny.

Here is the url:

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