Joe Chung (chungjoe) wrote in rsqubf,
Joe Chung

Greg Parsons letter to Christianity Today

(The following letter to Christianity Today was published in the May issue. The letter was in response to the "Missions Incredible" article about the Korean missions movement. It was written by Greg H. Parsons of the U.S. Center for World Mission.)

IT'S UNFORTUNATE that CT didn't raise the other side of the story [regarding Korean missions]. When we count missionaries, are we counting those from South Korea who work with Koreans in other countries? Or with existing churches, schools, seminaries, etc.? The issue of counting is even harder when you have, for example, a Korean group that almost all Korean mission and church leaders call a cult [University Bible Fellowship]. They send out some 1,000 missionaries.

The article also seems to attribute the Back to Jerusalem movement to Korean initiative, when it clearly emerged from the church in China.

While Korean missionaries are catching up in many ways, they (and we) still have a lot of old Western methods and strategy. We all need to examine ourselves and our motivations. Pride, including pride in national identity, can influence our motivations, as can competition or even a hatred of another country. We can't impugn [Korean missionaries'] motives, but we can challenge them to reexamine themselves when we see things that don't fit.

Greg H. Parsons
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