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Mark Yang 
12th-Jul-2006 08:24 am
One of the 15 questions from the Korean UBF reform committee is about Mark Yang. Who is this Mark Yang? Is he the one who used to be the director of Anam UBF (this UBF chapter was considered most exemplary when I was in Korea) and is now in Urbana Illinois working with Samuel Lee's son?

10. Last April S. Mark Yang was found to have an shameful affair with one intern shepherdess for four and half years. Later on, that intern shepherdess married a staff shepherd. They are now living a married life. However, after eating her heart out, recently she confessed to her husband all those things that S. Mark Yang did to her. Because of this, her husband submitted his resignation, concluding that he could no longer live a life of staff shepherd. Anna Yang, the wife of S. Mark Yang, came to a silent agreement with that shepherd through giving them money, in order to solve this problem quietly. But, two days later, S. Mark Yang totally denied everything after he returned to Korea. Because of this, that shepherd threatened them that he would inform all these to the Christian Ethics Practice Committee or the Sexual Harassment Protection Civil Organization. S. John Jun gave him 30,000,000 Won (about $27,000) under the condition that he would not make them issues any more. Some shepherds requested S. John Jun to get at the truth of this affair and solve this fairly through the Reward and Punishment Committee. But it was not accepted. M. Samuel Lee! How much do you know about this and how do you want to solve this?
12th-Jul-2006 08:43 pm (UTC)
Yes. It is the Mark Yang. Samuel Lee probably established him as a counterpoise to John Jun in Korea, and played them off against each other, so none of them could become dangerous to him and coiuld challenge his power. This has obviously pervaded until today, and now we have these two rivals, both equally corrupt former underlings of Samuel Lee. Here is what Lee wrote about Mark Yang in 1991:

"Fifth, Shepherd Mark Yang.

(i) He was a widowed mother’s only son. He began to attend UBF when he was in the fourth grade of senior high school. Since his father died young, he grew up a fatherless child. He wore an army suit tainted in black for four years of undergraduate courses at Seoul National University. His suit color revealed the dark sorrow in his heart. He grabbed me by the leg whenever he had the chance and never let go and began to cry. I knew what he meant by holding my leg and not letting go. But I never sympathized with him because I didn’t want to make him weaker spiritually. He kept on doing that for 4 years, until he finished his college course. But God’s grace is sufficient; I never pushed him aside or rebuked him for doing that.

Finally, he learned that he only received training when he wanted to be sympathized with by me. He also learned that he has to be healed and recreated and rebuild himself in Jesus Christ. Since then, he began to grab the Bible and began to read the Bible and began to grow and grow until his spiritual Influence over UBF people was heavily effective.

(ii) Bible scholar. Mark Yang is a self-made Bible scholar. When I was in Korea, somebody had to help me. So he helped my 3 children grow in school studies and Bible studies. He had been my right-hand man by carrying out all the heavy and light tasks plus all the menial work of UBF. Usually he had to play with kids around the center to prevent them from disturbing Bible studies every afternoon for 10 years.

He had never been a fellowship leader. He had never delivered a message at a fellowship meeting. He had never been a conference speaker. For he had to be my right-hand man. This, however, did not make him bitter. Rather, he was happy to be around me all the time. Humanly, it was a humiliating position for a long 10 years and 8 months. But from God’s viewpoint it was the time of divine discipline. God intended to use him greatly.

It seemed that I was a victim of destiny, that I should leave Korea, where my work was firmly established. Soon I had to leave Korea, not enjoying any privileges at all. Dr. John Jun took over my position and God posted me to be a frontline pioneer worker in Chicago. But Korea where I ministered needed a tough leader to rule and overrule outside persecution and inside rebelliousness of fallen man among many UBF people. Of course, the majority were good people. Still, there was an absolute minority of rebels.

Dr. John Jun needed a coworker like David and Jonathan. Mark Yang was a spiritual man, so he realized the necessity of coworking with Dr. John Jun. He did not cowork politically, but formed 2 Bible study material groups and slept at Chongro Center 3 days a week for 4 years. Thus, he formed the vessel of the Holy Spirit and laid the foundation of Bible study. Thus he became a self-made Bible scholar.

But sheep are sheep. Every time he comes to Chicago, he cries before me, complaining about many things as the expression of his love toward me. He is a great servant of God and at the same time he is a good sheep of God and his shepherd Samuel Lee."
14th-Jul-2006 05:33 am (UTC)
(ii) Bible scholar. Mark Yang is a self-made Bible scholar.

I was checking the official website of Anamgol UBF in Korea. There was a Sunday message based on John 8:21-59 with key verse of John 8:31,32. John 8:31-32 is my favorite key verse in the Bible. But the Anamgol Bible scholar doesn't seem to know "the truth" in the passage. The Anamgol Bible scholar doesn't even seem to know "inductive bible study". He was supposed to (1) observe, (2) interpret and (3) apply according to "UBF inductive bible study". But there is no observation, no interpretation and no application. His message is like "a Sogan written by those who write a Sogam for the first time". He tends to list his personal thoughts about the bible passage without deeply meditating on it. He even mentions Immanuel Kant and his book "Critique of Pure Reason" without understanding what he is talking about! The Anamgol message is so pathetically poor. I will translate part of the pathetically poor message and post it soon.
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