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open counseling??

We discussed an issue appeared on Korean UBF open counseling website some time ago. I checked the same website and found another interesting counseling there.

One Korean UBF shepherd allegedly wrote a posting there to discuss well-known UBF problems such as Sogam/Testimony writing, marriage by faith, tithing, abusing the word Satan too much etc.. It is very interesting to me that some Korean UBF shepherds are talking about the things we also talk about on our website!

The Korean UBF shepherd seemed to have a desire to open up discussion about these problems systematically based on the Bible and sound theological investigation. However, the administrator of the website (a guy called ‘Spurgeon Lee’) deleted the posting.

The Korean UBF shepherd wrote another posting criticizing Spurgeon Lee’s action. He argues that Spurgeon Lee’s action of deleting his posting defeats the very purpose of running open counseling website! However Spurgeon Lee gives counter-argument to justify his deleting the posting. Spurgeon Lee says that it is impossible to give a clear theological answer to every problem. So Spurgeon Lee argues that he is justified to delete the postings that cannot be answered clearly according to his personal judgment.

So the open counseling of Korean UBF doesn’t seem to be so open. One cannot discuss UBF problems during the open counseling session. If a UBF shepherd tries to ask questions about UBF problems, he is a Satan. If he wants to have an open counseling about any UBF problems on the website, his questions are deleted. So what do they do during the open counseling or one-to-one bible study anyway?
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