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Confession in UBF

There is a question posted on the open counseling website of the Korean UBF. The 1362nd question is about confessing one’s sin. The post asks how we should confess our sin based on 1 John 1:9. It was posted on 7/20/2006. But Spurgeon Lee has not posted his answer to this question. No other UBF shepherds have attempted to answer this question and I wonder why.

The UBF protocol says that one should confess his sin to his shepherd orally or with written testimony. In UBF one has not confessed his sin unless he shares it in his life testimony during Summer Bible Conference. I think this practice is not biblical.

Consider John the Baptist. When he preached the forgiveness of sins, many people came to him and confessed their sin to him in Matthew 3:5-6. I wonder if he asked them to write their sin in their testimony. I wonder if he edited their oral testimony and written testimony about their confession. I wonder if he ordered them to walk to Jerusalem on bare feet when they didn’t obey his direction to rewrite their testimony or if he ever told them to re-perform their confession because he didn’t like the way they presented their confession. I don't think he ever did such things during his public ministry. The reason I think so is that he probably knew they were confessing their sin to God and not to him. But again in Korean culture, one is subject to the authority of his senior figure. UBF shepherding is structured in line with this aspect of Korean culture. So in this kind of strucure, one is forced to confess his sin to his senior or a shepherd in UBF but not to God.
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