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Marriage, love and mission in UBF 
6th-Aug-2006 04:01 pm

There seems to be heated discussion on the Korean UBF open counseling website. The topic is about a person’s feeling toward an opposite sex that could eventually develop into “love”.
6th-Aug-2006 09:02 pm (UTC)
In the post numbered 1368, a “sheep” asks if this kind of feeling is sin. The sheep asked his/her shepherd about this matter. But the shepherd’s answer only confused the sheep more about this matter. The sheep claims that a lot of UBF girl sheep condemn themselves when they discover that they have this kind of special feeling toward other boy sheep. The sheep also claims that UBF shepherds are trying to control sheep’s feeling rather than helping sheep solve biblically any problems related to this kind of feeling.

In posting 1369, one shepherd responded to the sheep’s question saying that UBF leaders try to control and condemn sheep’s feeling toward opposite sex in an effort to preserve the UBF practice of “marriage by faith”. The shepherd added that trying to control sheep’s feeling to enforce UBF culture is not biblical.

In posting 1372, one of UBF staff shepherd gave an answer to the sheep’s question with three arguments. I think this post is very important since it came from one of official UBF staff shepherds if the author really is who he/she claims to be since then it could be considered an example of the mindset of UBF leadership.

In the first argument, the staff shepherd says that one’s feeling of love toward the opposite sex is acceptable on the condition that the feeling leads to a marriage. But the staff shepherd says that a marriage in UBF should not be based on “feeling” but on God’s sovereignty. But the staff shepherd does not mention anything about what constitute God’s sovereignty over a marriage in UBF.

In the second argument, the staff shepherd claims that UBF wants to raise disciples who can sacrifice “everything” to follow Jesus and to carry out the mission from him. He says that in UBF “mission” is above one’s marriage. He insists that a UBF member should marry for “mission” rather than for satisfying one’s feeling of love.

Thirdly, the staff shepherd agrees that UBF tends to discourage a marriage based on love not for the sake of serving God but for the sake of UBF’s own ministry. But the staff shepherd defends UBF’s position arguing that the unique characteristic of UBF ministry demands a marriage based on “mission” rather than on a marriage based on love. Since every church has her own uniqueness and any practice based on that uniqueness should be justified, UBF marriage should be also justified. So he says that he would never allow any relationship based on love and a marriage based on love in his chapter.

Finally, the staff shepherd says that UBF marriage by faith is not perfect but is good enough to be praised. The staff shepherd gives an example of the merit of UBF marriage by faith. One day one woman asked the staff shepherd to introduce her to a UBF shepherd. She didn’t want to join UBF but nevertheless wanted to marry a man who was trained in UBF because she could trust any man trained under UBF program. The staff shepherd claims that this one example proves how good UBF training is and how good UBF marriage by faith is.
7th-Aug-2006 12:25 am (UTC)
human12, this is a very intersting thread and somewhat historical. On the English-speaking Internet, I don't recall that any UBF member admitted so frankly some of these ideas behind UBF "marriage by faith." Instead, it is often even denied that marriage by faith exists. So it would be helpful if we can document this on our webpages.

Would it be possible for you to provide me with a copy of this discussion thread in Korean, plus a complete translation in English, as exact as possible? I could then publish this on ubf-info.de. You can send this via email to webservant at ubf-info.de (word document or whatever you like).

It is also important to document the name of the website, the date, the name of the UBF spokesperson etc.
7th-Aug-2006 02:21 am (UTC)
I will gladly do it to serve the truth of God.
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