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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Marriage, love and mission in UBF 
6th-Aug-2006 04:01 pm

There seems to be heated discussion on the Korean UBF open counseling website. The topic is about a person’s feeling toward an opposite sex that could eventually develop into “love”.
7th-Aug-2006 01:55 pm (UTC) - same old ubf problem
I think these same questions by sheep and same old answers by ubfins have been going on since the founding of the ubfcult. Now, the best hope seems to be the abundance of information that the ubf marriage by faith has not been a success.

I think that the same questions about ubf marriage have been asked for many years, but the responses by ubfleaders were so severe, even violent, that a discussion was not possible. Now, because of publicity about the real ubf, the ubfleaders cannot use the same amount of brute force and coercion to force the sheep back into line. The leader in the past used to simply say that this is God's way, if you don't accept it then you are out. Now, they have to come up with some semblance of reasoning, and of course it does not meet any standard of Bible justification.

There have been many divorces. There have been so many miserable couples that have stayed together. Even among couples that left ubf together, they are frequently miserable. I attribute this to the fact that incompatible people are forced together, and it does not matter where they are, if they are incompatible, they cannot make each other happy. Then they can say they only find their happiness 'in God' (Then why even bother to get married? Can't they make a leap of faith and live like St. Paul?)

There are so many unhappy children from ubfmarriages. Look at the marriages of elders in Chicago, most of those children have dumped the ubf. These are the ones who should be super-appostles. Also, there are been so few examples of any kind of 'success' thru ubfmarriage. It does not lead to the creation of any kind of 'super-apostle' offspring that ubf implies that it will. And most ubf couples walk around the center with plastic smiles pretending they are happy, when just under the surface they are the most miserable people we ever met.

In the end, ubfmarriage is the ultimate means of control at ubf. Just get the sheep to stay involved long enough to get ubfmarried, and then they are stuck very tightly to ubf. The control is still there, the ubfleaders are just trying to be more and more skillful at covering it up these days.

I warn any new recruits that ubf is about trying to control their whole life, and marriage is where the strongest control is applied, and is meant for the rest of their lives. May God help the new recruits to see thru the deceptions and walk away from ubf with loud complaints and rebuke.
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