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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Marriage, love and mission in UBF 
6th-Aug-2006 04:01 pm

There seems to be heated discussion on the Korean UBF open counseling website. The topic is about a person’s feeling toward an opposite sex that could eventually develop into “love”.
8th-Aug-2006 12:30 am (UTC) - UBF Shepherd(s) Give Contradictory Answers
From the Korean UBF Staff Shepherd in Post 1372:

1. But the staff shepherd says that a marriage in UBF should not be based on “feeling” but on God’s sovereignty.

2. "So he says that he would never allow any relationship based on love and a marriage based on love in his chapter." (From Korean UBF Leader)

From the Korean UBF Staff Shepherd in Post 1375:

In post 1375, a shepherd responds to the post 1374. Basically the shepherd says that it doesn't matter what others say about UBF. What matters most is what the sheep believes about marriage, tithing, etc.. The shepherd encourages the sheep just to follow his/her personal faith.

The third statement contradicts the first two. Were these statements made by the same shepherd? The staff shepherd argues that marriage should not be based on love or feeling, but on God's sovereignty. Then, the shepherd states that the sheep should follow their personal faith. What happened to following God's sovereignty? When defending marriage by faith to the sheep, the shepherd wants the sheep to avoid the personal belief that he/she loves another person and focus on God's sovereignty. When the shepherd wants to discourage the sheep from believing anti-UBF material, the shepherd wants the sheep to go with personal beliefs. The shepherd must have assumed that the sheep believes that UBF is a legitimate Christian church. The conclusion is that regarding marriage the sheep must deny personal beliefs while holding onto personal beliefs when reading anti-UBF material.

UBF's only hope is that members hold onto a personal belief that UBF is a good church. UBF defenders hold this belief well when they state "I never saw any of these alleged abuses" and "those were past mistakes and we've moved on." UBF violates God's sovereignty with every UBF member. Thus, any member who spends significant time praying over God's sovereignty will conclude that UBF is not the place for anyone seeking Christ.
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