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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Romantic feeling in UBF 
11th-Aug-2006 01:14 pm
I have translated some discussions appeared on the Korean UBF website. They are about romantic feeling and UBF-style marriage by faith. The first one was posted on July 29th, 2006 by a person who used name ‘sheep’. It is post 1368 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2658&code=counsel&start=0).
The second was posted on 2006/07/29 (July 29th, 2006) by a person who used name ‘a shepherd’. It is post 1369 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2659&code=counsel&start=0).
The third one was posted on 2006/08/04 (August 4th, 2006) by 이스페너(Spanner Lee?) who is a UBF staff shepherd. This post is numbered 1372 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2680&code=counsel&start=0). While I was translating them, I could clearly see the problems in UBF and misery and suffering that UBF members go through. I decided to post them here so that everyone can see how much suffering the UBF men-made system inflicts on campus students.
11th-Aug-2006 06:22 pm (UTC) - Re: Post 1369
Translation on post 1369 continues...

The fundamental problem lies in UBF-style marriage by faith. A marriage by faith cannot be conducted just based on human terms, mission direction given in an organization and quick and sudden transaction in a rush --; One must realizes all these problems associated with UBF-style marriage by faith. So one needs to have courage to make a decision on his own to make sure that his marriage partner is really suitable for him to continue to love God and serve him together all his life. The reason I cannot speak up strongly is that the current UBF environment does not allow me to do so.
A marriage by faith cannot be decided by others. It is not a children’s play either. We are all grown up adults. We should not be troubled by other’s decision or order about our own marriage. We should also overcome all judgmental eyes and control about our romantic feeling even though doing so is very difficult in UBF environment.

In conclusion, the control of romantic feeling is a by-product of an effort to preserve the tradition of UBF-style marriage by faith. It is not going to be easy to do so as an individual. But we have no choice but to resort to our own individual faith, decision and will. Most of all, when a person express his opinion about the whole matter, to be honest with, that opinion is treated with silent contempt and the person is criticized. This is our reality—- That is why I could not speak directly abut the whole problem in my post but do it indirectly. Even the Bible says that a marriage by faith should be based on one’s own choice among fellow Christians. The Bible never says that a marriage by faith should be determined by other and we have to struggle to accept it. The Bible doesn’t even talk about anything against romantic feeling. I also want to mention that each person in UBF should change his idea about the matter. We should also guard ourselves against the yeast of being accustomed to being controlled and being forced to obey through the tradition of UBF-style marriage by faith.

Please, dear sheep, do not be influence by other’s opinion and idea. You should make the decision on your own by faith about the relationship that you are going to have. Whenever you see undergraduate girl sheep who feel uncomfortable with meeting other brothers, you should tell them that it does not have to be that way. In that way, we can change the current environment. When everyone lives no longer before men trying to please men and when everyone lives before God to please him, then the time will finally com for us to lead a much better Christian life.
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