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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Romantic feeling in UBF 
11th-Aug-2006 01:14 pm
I have translated some discussions appeared on the Korean UBF website. They are about romantic feeling and UBF-style marriage by faith. The first one was posted on July 29th, 2006 by a person who used name ‘sheep’. It is post 1368 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2658&code=counsel&start=0).
The second was posted on 2006/07/29 (July 29th, 2006) by a person who used name ‘a shepherd’. It is post 1369 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2659&code=counsel&start=0).
The third one was posted on 2006/08/04 (August 4th, 2006) by 이스페너(Spanner Lee?) who is a UBF staff shepherd. This post is numbered 1372 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2680&code=counsel&start=0). While I was translating them, I could clearly see the problems in UBF and misery and suffering that UBF members go through. I decided to post them here so that everyone can see how much suffering the UBF men-made system inflicts on campus students.
11th-Aug-2006 08:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for working on this, so that we can reveal the real mindset of the Korean UBF (though we all know it, but UBF defenders sometimes deny it). I also remember that my chapter leader Kaleb Hong told us something along the lines that romatic love is sinful and a "lie" of the devil, he told us to forget about the whole idea of romantic love. I assume the name of the Korean shepherd is "Spener" after Jacob Philipp Spener, a Pietist who wrote the book Pia Desideria about his heartful desire for a reform of the church. That is very ironical.
12th-Aug-2006 02:34 am (UTC)
real mindset of the Korean UBF

If Spener Lee's mindset represetns the mindset of the Korean UBF staff shepherds, I think it must be that of a simpleton. He says that if a man is driven by mission, "he would first consider whether or not the person whom he is going to marry is suitable for his mission."

I think Spener Lee gets the idea of being suitable for mission from Genesis 2:18 where God says that he is going to make a helper suitable for Adam. The UBF simpleton seems to think that God created the woman only to be a suitable helper. What is wrong with this simpleton idea?

If you read Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 2:15, it seems that God created the man to work on his world. So if we follow UBF simpleton idea, we should also conclude that God created man only to be a worker in his world.

But when we read the Bible, especially Genesis, we see that God created more than just a worker when he created man. We also see that when God created woman, he created more than a suitable helper for man.

In Genesis 2:23, the man says "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh." I think this remark clearly indicates that the woman was more than just a suitable helper for the man. But unfortunately the UBF simpleton doesn't seem to catch that. The UBF simpleton thinks that every man in his chapter is a worker; every woman is a helper for this worker; the worker and the helper all work together in unformity for the UBF ministry under his authority. He also preaches that romantic feeling is a terrible sin before God. So they all work like ants with "fire ants" spirit.

I don't think that is the picture of the Garden of Eden. We can say much about the Garden of Eden. But I want say at least this one thing: The Graden of Eden was very romantic place! Just listen to what Adam says to Eve. He says "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh!" I think this is the most romantic utterance that has come out of any man's mouth in the entire human history! How romantic! I am going to use this romantic utterance for my wife's birthday :)
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