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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Romantic feeling in UBF 
11th-Aug-2006 01:14 pm
I have translated some discussions appeared on the Korean UBF website. They are about romantic feeling and UBF-style marriage by faith. The first one was posted on July 29th, 2006 by a person who used name ‘sheep’. It is post 1368 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2658&code=counsel&start=0).
The second was posted on 2006/07/29 (July 29th, 2006) by a person who used name ‘a shepherd’. It is post 1369 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2659&code=counsel&start=0).
The third one was posted on 2006/08/04 (August 4th, 2006) by 이스페너(Spanner Lee?) who is a UBF staff shepherd. This post is numbered 1372 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2680&code=counsel&start=0). While I was translating them, I could clearly see the problems in UBF and misery and suffering that UBF members go through. I decided to post them here so that everyone can see how much suffering the UBF men-made system inflicts on campus students.
12th-Aug-2006 05:06 am (UTC) - Re: Post 1372
The UBF idealogue "staff shepherd" writes: "Therefore I would not allow romantic relationship and marriages based on romantic feeling in my chapter."

What might get lost in the discussion is that this leader (or any typical UBF leader) would not allow a couple to get married even based solely on "mission" in his chapter, if this couple prayed and made this decision on their own. Even a platonic courtship relationship with little-to-no romantic feelings involved would be allowed, if a couple set out to do this of their own initiative. No kind of relationship or marriage would be allowed if it was outside of this UBF leader's control. A student shepherd's response to this defense of "marriage by faith" reveals an understanding of the real motivation behind the "marriage by faith" program, the desire for control over recruits' life decisions. The student asks,"Don’t you think this is kinda cultic?" You bet it is.

Thanks for translating all this. It is really helpful.
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