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Romantic feeling in UBF 
11th-Aug-2006 01:14 pm
I have translated some discussions appeared on the Korean UBF website. They are about romantic feeling and UBF-style marriage by faith. The first one was posted on July 29th, 2006 by a person who used name ‘sheep’. It is post 1368 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2658&code=counsel&start=0).
The second was posted on 2006/07/29 (July 29th, 2006) by a person who used name ‘a shepherd’. It is post 1369 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2659&code=counsel&start=0).
The third one was posted on 2006/08/04 (August 4th, 2006) by 이스페너(Spanner Lee?) who is a UBF staff shepherd. This post is numbered 1372 on the website (http://php.ubf.or.kr/bbs/view.php3?id=2680&code=counsel&start=0). While I was translating them, I could clearly see the problems in UBF and misery and suffering that UBF members go through. I decided to post them here so that everyone can see how much suffering the UBF men-made system inflicts on campus students.
12th-Aug-2006 10:03 pm (UTC) - Re: Arranged Marriage
The staff shephed said in Korean "물론 그렇다고 아무렇게나 결혼을 추진한다는 뜻은 아닙니다" near the end of his fourth argument. I will break down this word by word in English.

결혼을 추진한다:

추진-->drive; promotion

추진 is a noun in Korean. You can make it a verb by adding "-하다" to it. So 추진하다 becomes a verb meaning "drive, promote, propel". If you change the suffix "-하다" to "-한다" to make 추진한다 which is present tense form of 추진하다.

So if you interpret what the Korean staff shepherd says, "결혼을 추진한다", word by word, it becomes "promote a marriage; drive a marriage", which is the same as "arrage a marriage" since the marriage is driven by the staff shepherd.

The implication/connotation of the Korean phrase 결혼을 추진한다 litterally means that the staff shepherd drives a marriage with himself in charge of the whole marriage process.
13th-Aug-2006 05:39 am (UTC) - Re: Arranged Marriage
The Korean word, 추진, actually comes from the Chinese word 推進. The Chinese word 推進 is made up with two Chinese letters, 推 and 進. The Chinese characters are similar to the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

means "to push". means "to advance". So 推進 means "to advance by pushing".

But it seems that Koreans use 推進 to mean "advance through pushing very hard" as it is used to describe a rocket launched into air via its propulsion system. I think Koreans use the word 추진(推進) to describe an operation to launch/achieve something by using a method of "pushing" very hard. Many Koreans use 추진(推進) with the meaning of 밀어붙이다 which means "push hard".

"Pushing" very hard here has the image of the pushing power of a rocket propulsion system. The Korean image of 추진(推進) seems to be more associated with shrewd manipulation than with well-disciplined rationality. I think this accurately depicts the Korean style of working with 추진(推進) or 밀어붙이다. You try everything you can to achieve a goal and if nothing works just keep pushing it very hard with 추진(推進). So when the Korean staff shepherd says "결혼을 추진한다", he is sayign that he "pushes a marriage through", which I think is worse than "arranging a marriage".

There are many Koreans who still worship the late dictator Park Jung Hee who was admired for his will power to do 추진(推進). In fact I think he is the one who invented Korean style of "pushing" very hard or 추진(推進). A man who has the quality of this 추진(推進) is highly admired in Korea.

The same Korean staff shepherd, Spener Lee, seems to be very proud that UBF Korean staff shepherds have this quality of 추진(推進). He wrote another post numbered 1374. In the post he says "우리 모임이 강력한 추진력으로 하나님의 역사를 섬겨올 수 있었습니다", which means "UBF could serve the work of God with powerful pushing/driving force until now." In this case 추진력 could be translated as "driving force" with the connotation of "pushing very strongly". 강력한 means "strong; powerful". So he is basically saying that UBF is built on just "pushing very hard". I think he is, without kowing it, admitting that UBF is built on powerful manipulation.
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