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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Life of a 2nd gen in UBF 
14th-Aug-2006 11:22 pm
There is a life testimony of a UBF 2nd gen posted on Chicago UBF website. It shows very realistically about the life of a UBF 2nd gen. One can see how a UBF 2nd gen's life is controlled and being "pushed" by using the Bible. The 2nd gen writes very honestly about his misery and struggle to live under the UBF culture where condemnation prevails.

He also mentions the difficulty to live with UBF Korean parents who are UBF missionaries. You will see that UBF Korean missionaries apply their Korean-style parenting to "discipling" their sheep and UBF-style discipling to their parenting. One will conclude after reading the life testimony that the whole UBF paradigm of serving God's work should be dismantled since it is only based on Korean culture but never on the Bible.

Nobody seems to understand this poor 2nd gen. His parents are just trying to mold their son into a loyal UBF member. And everyone in UBF is collaborating to achieve this goal. I think that they are trying to suffocate him. They must teach him the truth and freedom in the Gosepel of Jesus. Otherwise, they will only make his heart hard toward God. They might succeed in making him a loyal UBF member. But they will never succeed in making him a true child of God. I think that his parents have more problem than he does. The best way to solve the problem is to for the parent to leave UBF with their son. I did and it is working.
15th-Aug-2006 05:19 pm (UTC) - UBF parents are bad parents
As someone who has been outside of UBF for 5+ years, it is so sad to read about this version of bad parenting. I, like Luke and Grace Hong, only have one son. I agree with spanking children as a form of discipline, but I don't agree with it until your child stops crying. That form of discipline is abusive. This teenager, Luke, only identity seems to an UBF-identity that is being forced on him by his parents. This is evident by him taking on the key verse of all of UBF. It is not even clear that little Luke has even accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Though this teenager gets good grades in school, it seems it is more to appease his parents to prevent any more severe spankings. He talks very little about how his parents have tried to nurture him and love him as parents. It is very evident that UBF is more important to the Hongs than than their own son, Luke. They are hoping that whatever indoctrinization (brain-washing) wasn't complete in their own household in Montreal will be made completed in Korea.

Little Luke needs to discover that only Jesus Christ and the word of God can set him free to live the life he was meant to live in Christ. The UBF child experiment has been a failed one to force their child into the UBF image. They need to discover their own identity in Christ. My son, John, is starting to learn the Biblical principles through Scripture memorization, daily Bible study and personal prayer. He knows the UBF model is wrong compared to a normal Christian ministry with sound doctrine. The UBF model of parenting does not lead children to Christ or build inner convictions of why I am a Christian and what it means. This summer I have worked with my son to try to understand we need to be insulated from the worldly, sinful culture with God's word. We need to let our light shine in this dark culture, even if we are the only voice for God. He is beginning to understand that we need to glorify God with our lives, not a ministry or a church. Leaving UBF is the first step to understanding these truths.
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