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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
"Beaten by the system" 
26th-Aug-2006 09:01 am
Check the following website.


I remember similar scenes during my school years in Korea. By God's grace, I was never hit by my teachers like that. But the teachers used to hit their students like that accusing them of lacking absolute attitude. They also said that they hit them because they loved them. The teachers called the stick 'love stick' that they used to hit the students.

I feel very sorry that such a thing is still happening in Korea. The UBF system of training and discipling is very much similar to Korean education system and its ideals.
27th-Aug-2006 04:38 pm (UTC) - very sad story
That is a very sad story. Somebody has to do something about this teacher, but usually nobody will do anything, just like we see with the ubf.

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