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Here is an article about cults in Japan. Quote: "New forms of… 
30th-Aug-2006 10:11 pm
Here is an article about cults in Japan. Quote:

"New forms of religion in Japan still continue to be good business for many who are smart enough to see in religious practices a vary lucrative source of earning easy money through the exploitation people's blind faith.

A new sect that has been in the media limelight in recent days in Japan is known as Setsuri. ... it is now known that the founder of the sect, the 61-year-old Korean, Jung Myung Seok, is in the Interpol wanted list for his alleged sexual assaults on female followers in South Korea. Japanese media have reported that even before he was put on the wanted list, Jung visited Japan frequently and was suspected of sexual violence against many Japanese female students who were attracted to the cult through its tactful recruitment campaign."
31st-Aug-2006 11:38 am (UTC)
I just asked myself how it is possible to make an "off-shoot" of Moon when Moon himself is the sole content of that "religion" (the Messiah). Is Jung now the Messiah of Setsuri? Or does it play no role anyway, i.e. he concentrates solely on the business, marriages, front groups etc. because in Japan people are not really interested in the religious content of the group anyway?
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