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Sexual harassment in Korean UBF? 
6th-Sep-2006 12:47 am
There is a new post on the open counseling website of Korean UBF.


A person who identifies her as a leader shepherdess writes that someone who is 10 years older than she has been expressing his romantic feeling toward her for about 3 years. She claims that he has been calling her on the phone so many times to express his romantic feeling to her.

She claims that she even talked to his shepherd about this matter. But his shepherd only tries to defend him and tells her to just ignore him. The reason she decided to post this problem on the web is that she was afraid that people in UBF might condemn her for offering some reason for the man to approch her inappropriately.

If what she claims is true, there might be other female leaders who didn't come forward with this kind of problem before. UBF does not expose its inner sexual immorality. UBF leaders try to cover up any immorality by condemning the victims.
6th-Sep-2006 05:52 am (UTC) - post 1410 in the Korean website
Here is the post by the Korean shepherdess in Korean:

글쓴이: 심기가 많이 불편한 자 번호: 2730 번글 조회: 31 추천: 0

저는 자매 리더 목자입니다. 그런데 우리 센터에서 저 보다 10살 정도나 나이가 많으신 분께서 제게 연애 감정을 갖고 계속 전화로 접근해오고 있는 지 3년이나 되었습니다. 자신에게 정욕문제가 있으면 다른 형제들 같으면 투쟁할 텐데 이분은 투쟁하는 자세가 아니라 더욱 판단이 되네요..정말 싫고 혐오감이 들어요. 요즘 사회훈련때문에 예민해진 상태인데 이분이 자꾸 이렇게 투쟁하지 않고 저를 'try'해보려는 행위가 참 저를 더 예민하고 혐오감 느끼게 만드네요. 영적으로 알만큼 아는 사람인데... 어쩌죠? 정말 싫어요. 너무 싫어서 신경질이 나요...ㅠ.ㅠ 저도 내면이 무척 어린 측에 속하나봐여...그냥 누군가가 내편이 되어 주어 위로받고 싶어 이렇게 신앙게시판에 글을 올리네여... 내가 원인을 제공했다는 판단을 받을 지 모른다는 생각에 어느 누구에게도 하소연할 수 없어 이렇게 글을 남기게 되었네여... 그래도 그분을 섬기시는 목자님께서는 이 사실을 알고 있어야 이 분이 회개하도록 도우실 것 같아 말씀드렸는데 그 목자님은 자꾸 그 사람 무시만 하라고 말씀 주시면서 그분의 죄를 분명히 회개토록 돕기보다는 오히려 그분을 감싸주려고만 하는 듯해 더욱 짜증이 났어요..ㅠ.ㅠ 아무리 판단하지 않으려고 노력해도 이 분만 마주치면 혐오감같은 죄악된 마음이 생겨서 정말 괴롭네여~

제가 영적인 기도의 어미요 예수님의 목자의 향기를 발하는 자가 되도록 기도부탁드려요. 이분을 혐오하지 말고 저도 똑같은 죄인임을 인정하고 용서하고 중보기도해줄 수 있도록 기도부탁드려요..

6th-Sep-2006 06:17 am (UTC) - Re: post 1410 in the Korean website
When Mark Yang had sexually immoral relationship with a shepherdess in Anamgol UBF, the UBF leaders covered it up with money. Then Mark Yan continued to work as the director of Anamgol UBF for a while before he finally came to America as a "missionary".

This Sunday Mark Yang was in Anamgol UBF to deliever a special message for Anamgol UBFers. The title of his message was: "The joy of participating in the Christ's suffering".


I was very interested in having a chance to read a Mark Yang's message because he is considered the most successful shepherd trained by Samuel Lee. But I was so disappointed to find that he could not even elaborate the difference between suffering as a Christian and suffering as a member in certain organization. The thesis of his message was that suffering in UBF is suffering as a Christian.

If Mark Yang's thesis is applied to the Korean shepherdess who claims to have suffered for 3 years in UBF by the indecent conducts of her 10-year-old senior shepherd, she has suffered for the glory of God because she is a Christian. In fact this is what the UBF leaders teach their sheep to believe. But when a person suffers in UBF, most of the time it is not because he or she is a Christian but because he or she is not allowed to disagree with UBF system.
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