human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

Sexual harassment in Korean UBF?

There is a new post on the open counseling website of Korean UBF.

A person who identifies her as a leader shepherdess writes that someone who is 10 years older than she has been expressing his romantic feeling toward her for about 3 years. She claims that he has been calling her on the phone so many times to express his romantic feeling to her.

She claims that she even talked to his shepherd about this matter. But his shepherd only tries to defend him and tells her to just ignore him. The reason she decided to post this problem on the web is that she was afraid that people in UBF might condemn her for offering some reason for the man to approch her inappropriately.

If what she claims is true, there might be other female leaders who didn't come forward with this kind of problem before. UBF does not expose its inner sexual immorality. UBF leaders try to cover up any immorality by condemning the victims.
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