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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
A Korean banner in Canada? 
10th-Sep-2006 10:36 pm
I found a very interesting picture on Chicago UBF website. It seems to be a picture from a conference held in Canada. The title of the conference is written in Korean! How does this promote cross-culture evangelism in Canada? It seems that John Jun also attended the conference and he allowed this to happen. This raises very serious doubt about the attitude of the UBF Korean missionaries in carrying out what they claim to be Jesus' world mission command.

How can a missionary carry out Jesus' world mission command when he doesn't midn putting up a title banner written in Korean in Canada? How can John Jun carry out Jesus' world mission command when he does not correct this kind of attitude among UBF Korean missionaries?

Isn't learning a native language supposed to be the first step in carrying out world mission? Aren't the missionaries supposed to use the native language all the time unless they are only trying to build up a comfortable Korean immigrants community?
12th-Sep-2006 02:45 pm (UTC) - Re: lots of Koreans
It would take them ten years to really learn a native language, and they just aren't going to put forth that kind of effort.

The title banner in Korean reads "The boy David and the giant Goliath". Luke Hong says that 93 UBF Korean missionaries in Canada attended the conference and they learned how "to fight against many Goliaths within and without in order to carry out the gospel ministry on 252 Canadian campuses". But oops, they forgot to include mastering native language among many Goliaths!

It seems that during the conference they did not talk about how to carry out the gospel ministry on 252 Canadian campuses. Instead they seem to have discussed only how to fight against the enemy of UBF business and how to continue to brainwash UBF members to preserve UBF business and the spiritual legacy of Dr. Samuel Lee.

I think John Jun and Luke Hong decided to teach Korean from now on to North American sheep to completely convert their mindset to Korean mindset. Maybe that could be a lot easier than for them to master native language in their business field. In fact that is what the Japanese tried to do to the Korean people during their occupation. The Japanese forced Koreans to change their Korean names to Japanese names. The Japanese tried to abolish Korean language in an effort to establish Korea as their permanent imperial colony. If they had ever succeeded, my name could have been something like Suzuki Toyota??
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