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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
A Korean banner in Canada? 
10th-Sep-2006 10:36 pm
I found a very interesting picture on Chicago UBF website. It seems to be a picture from a conference held in Canada. The title of the conference is written in Korean! How does this promote cross-culture evangelism in Canada? It seems that John Jun also attended the conference and he allowed this to happen. This raises very serious doubt about the attitude of the UBF Korean missionaries in carrying out what they claim to be Jesus' world mission command.

How can a missionary carry out Jesus' world mission command when he doesn't midn putting up a title banner written in Korean in Canada? How can John Jun carry out Jesus' world mission command when he does not correct this kind of attitude among UBF Korean missionaries?

Isn't learning a native language supposed to be the first step in carrying out world mission? Aren't the missionaries supposed to use the native language all the time unless they are only trying to build up a comfortable Korean immigrants community?
13th-Sep-2006 04:23 am (UTC)
Having the sign in Korean at the leadership conference simply shows that leadership positions in UBF are intended for Korean members only, and no one else.

This also shows that UBF Korean missionaries are becoming easy-going. If they want to live as missionaries to carry out world mission command, they must overcome easy-going mentality and make a banner in native language. But they cannot even make a proper banner in native language. Then how can they faight against many Goliaths within and without in order to carry out their mission? Fighting against many Goliaths begins with using a banner in a native language.

This is also related to their lack of absolute attitude toward their world campus mission. If they have absolute attitude toward spreading gospel to students in Canada, they would never put up a banner in Korean but would rather somehow hung a banner written even in Konglish.

If I were in the position of John Jun, I would give the UBF Korean missionaries including Luke Hong divine discipline to walk on bare feet to Skokie Police Station to help them to have absolute attitude toward UBF business.
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