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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Celebrating the great history of UBF... 
25th-Sep-2006 10:08 pm
Soon UBF will again celebrate themselves and how much they helped God at "founder's day". Quoted from here:

Committee members met on Aug. 31 and made some decisions on the program. May God be with us and bless us to cherish how God has worked through us.

Date: Friday Evening, Oct 6, 2006

Part I. Message by Dr. John Jun (5 - 10 min)
* Key verse: Mk 11:22
* Title: Have Faith in God

Part II. Lecture by Sh. Mark Vucekovich
UBF history: USA Pioneering 1970 - 1985

Testimonies on USA pioneering (10 min each, total 40)
* Joseph Schafer (one of the ancestors among American shepherds)
* Pauline Park (NU)
* Christy Toh (Toledo and UIC)
* Abraham T. Kim (Oregon)

Audio-visual history of USA pioneering ministry (20 min)
26th-Sep-2006 02:52 am (UTC) - self importance
These types of meetings are based on their overwhelming desire to look important. Since nobody on the planet (outside of ubf) recognizes their little business and activities as important, they have to resort to their own efforts to spell out how important they think they are. It is a form of cognitive reinforcement or something. The ubf founders day is nothing like Moody Founders Week which is even listened to by millions on Moody Radio Network. The ubf is the opposite, it is always the same handful of unqualified, unspiritual, unbiblical people, a collection of wolves in sheeps clothing, trying to decieve a few good souls into being their followers and dupes. ubfins like Mark Vucekovich are not qualified to be a bookstore clerk at Moody, but at ubf he is always controlling something.

ubf is not worthy of founders week. ubf should be be ignored and avoided, not celebrated.
26th-Sep-2006 04:26 am (UTC)
Part II. Lecture by Sh. Mark Vucekovich
UBF history: USA Pioneering 1970 - 1985

The lecture in Part II is going to cover the period only from 1970 to 1985. Sh. Vocekovich seems to consider this period the USA pioneering period. I wonder what he thinks about the last 20 years of UBF in USA?

I am also worndering whether or not the testimony sharers listed in the program are good representives for the presumed pioneering period of 1970-1985.

John Jun is going to speak only for 10 min with the topic "Have faith in God". How is he going to cover the big topic in 10 min? Anyway, the UBF founders week program gives only 10 min for the message based on the Bible and at least 60 min for UBF work. The UBF founders week program shows well what UBF(University Bible Fellowship) is all about. Dr. John Jun has not much to talk about the Bible. But he and Sh. Vucekovich together with all the testimony sharers have a lot to talk about Dr. Samuel Lee.
26th-Sep-2006 04:56 am (UTC)
Here is the link to the program of Moody Bible Institute Founder's week.

It seems that every year, the organizers of MBI founder's week prepares the program with a specific biblical theme. Each theme seems to be very well selected to represent spritual issues at the time. Speakers are then selected accordingly who are well experienced and equipped to talk about the spiritual issues.

Unlike UBF which invites speakers only from within UBF, MBI invites Speakers from around the country outside MBI. This will give participants, mostly students from MBI and other schools, broad and objective views on the spiritual issues of the time.

But UBF members learn only about how great Dr. Samuel Lee's shepherd heart was who studied the Bible for 10 years intensively to come up with his stupid theology and how to apply his stupid theology to produce much spiritual fruits. They also despise other local churches, teaching their sheep that moving to other local churches or attending MBI Founder's week program is a work of Satan.
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