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UBF version of "Sacrifice" 
3rd-Oct-2006 10:03 pm
After I read Dr. Joseph Ahn’s so-called life testimony, one thought kept bothering me. Upon reading his life testimony, one will immediately have the impression that he talks very proudly of his parents’ sacrifice and his own sacrifice. So I began to think about this notion of sacrifice advocated by Dr. Ahn in his life testimony.
4th-Oct-2006 03:37 am (UTC) - Sacrifice of Dr. Ahn's parents
Dr. Ahn says the following in his testimony:

When I was young, my father was out of the country for nine years serving God in Spain, Guatemala and Mexico alone while my mother served God’s work in Seoul. My father had to endure the pain of being called “Uncle” each time he returned to Korea because I did not recognize him. They both sacrificed much including their dreams of sweet family life to follow God’s calling in their lives. As I grow older and have a family of my own, I have come to appreciate and admire their decisions of faith to live a mission centered life.”

Dr. Ahn thinks that his father and his mother made a great sacrifice and he regards their sacrifice as something that deserves great appreciation and admiration. Unfortunately Dr. Ahn, a Northwestern graduate, does not explain why their parents’ alleged sacrifice deserves such appreciation and admiration in his testimony. He doesn’t even explain why he thinks that his parents’ sacrifice is in fact sacrifice. In this regard, his testimony is written with such blind faith without absolute minimum support of reasonable argument required from an intelligent and spiritual person.

If I ask Dr. Ahn why he thinks that his parents really made sacrifice, what would he say? Judging based on his life testimony, the Northwestern graduate doesn’t seem to have good biblical understanding of the theology of sacrifice. The sacrifice he talks about in his testimony is most likely UBF version of sacrifice. It is very likely that Dr. Ahn who was educated in Northwestern didn't spend some quality time to examine if the UBF version of sacrifice is based on sound theology.

Dr. Ahn claims that his parents sacrificed their dreams of sweet family to follow God’s calling in their lives. This claim may not exactly describe what really happened to their abnormal marriage. The abnormal marriage of Dr. Ahn’s parents must be considered in the context of abnormal UBF culture. For example, there is some strange theological notion called "cursed woman’s desire" in UBF. According to this UBF notion, if a wife wants to spend more time with her husband than to spend her time in UBF activities, she is allowing her "cursed woman’s desire" in her heart, which is considered a great sin in UBF. Therefore if Dr. Ahn’s mother decided not to follow her husband because she was influenced by this UBF notion of "cursed woman’s desire", can we say that she sacrificed her dreams of sweet family to follow God’s calling? I don’t think so.

What other strange notions are there in UBF that could have influenced the abnormal marriage of Dr. Ahn’s parents? To understand exactly what happened to their marriage, we must go back to 1970’s and 1980’s to see what was going on in UBF during those periods. During the reform movement in UBF a few years ago, we learned one thing clearly about those periods. During those days, many UBF leaders were in intense competition to be honored by Dr. Samuel Lee in the whole UBF community. They were in excessive competition to show off their loyalty to Samuel Lee in an effort to be recognized as a great servant of God or as a saintly person. The more they showed personal loyalty to Samuel Lee, the more they were praised as a great servant of God. If anyone showed a little loyalty to Samuel Lee, he was despised and demonized as a selfish, humanistic and immature nominal Christian.

In this kind of spiritual(?) environment, to have a marriage life, separated from each other for 9 years to participate in UBF pioneering activity, seems to be the most commendable and heroic act that should be advertised as the most spiritual and exemplary life style. Samuel Lee could have used this example to drive other leaders to follow so that they could commit their life more to expand his business.

What I have described here might not be exactly what went behind the strange marriage of Dr. Ahn’s parents. But considering the UBF reform movement and the subsequent event of the split of UBF organization, it doesn’t seem to be stretching the idea too far. Dr. Ahn should know that there is a big difference between sacrifice for the work of God and abuse for a leader’s business ambition.
5th-Oct-2006 03:03 am (UTC) - Re: Sacrifice of Dr. Ahn's parents
Ahn Sr.'s work in the Latin countries was as a diplomat for S. Korea, so it was not as if the family was separated for financial reasons. The primary reason was Maria Ahn's fanatical devotion to Sam Lee. She was so devoted that she chose to be by Sam Lee's side for years as secretary and UBF treasurer than by her own husband's side. Lee did not discourage such fanatical devotion, of course. Sam Lee often bad-mouthed Maria Ahn's parents for their opposition to UBF in Korea. Their opposition was quite understandable.

A couple of years ago, Ahn Sr. was in Korea reading long praiseologies about the "greatness" of Sam Lee. This family is about as UBF brainwashed as a family can get.
5th-Oct-2006 03:41 am (UTC) - Dr. Ahn's UBF training started at the age of 8
Take a look at the following description of Dr. Ahn's childhood:

At the age of 8 in America, I was a mischievous troublemaker at school and at church who struggled with loneliness, and homesickness. I often didn’t want to go to sleep because I was afraid I might dream of my mother. But Dr. Lee and Missionary Grace A. Lee cared for me for one year at their house. I learned obedience through hair-curl permanent training and discipline through daily memorization and English training. I learned to overcome the difficult situation. I upset many mothers because I hit their sons and teased their daughters. They all came to complain to Dr. Lee but he protected me and encouraged me in prayer to grow like the boy Jesus. I could not let my son Abraham go to another country by himself at the age of 8, but I believe that it was my Father God who led me to America to prepare me to grow as his useful servant. It was God’s wonderful grace and unique plan to help me meet him as my Heavenly Father.

Dr. Ahn clearly confesses the negative effects of the separation from his mom when he was 8 years old. He became very violent out of his lonliness and homsickness. He said he could not sleep because he missed his mom too much. He also confesses that he would never do such a thing to his own 8-year-old son as his mom did to him. But he also says that Dr. Samuel Lee was his protector. He is also thankful to Dr. Samuel Lee and his wife who brought such traumatic experience in his childhood life.

I am not a child psychologist. But I think Dr. Ahn's testimony shows some kind of schizophrenic characteristics here. When he says that he wouldn't do such a thing to his own son as he mom did to him, probably he is expressing his own professional opinion as a medical doctor. But then his professional judgement seems to be being overridden by Dr. Samuel Lee's spiritual training that he received at the age of 8. He even believes that his childhood trauma was God's preparation to grow him as his useful servant. I am not sure if Dr. Ahn is a useful servant of God since he allows his childhood UBF training to override his professional judgement. But one thing is clear: he is a useful servant of Dr. Samuel Lee's organization. The usefulness of his UBF servanthood seems to match that of a fanatic for sure.
4th-Oct-2006 04:17 am (UTC) - Dr. Ahn's personal sacrifice
Dr. Ahn says the following about his personal sacrifice:

I cancelled my vacation plans sacrificing the unrefundable expenses and dedicated my leave before starting my position to Bibles study and preparation for the SBC

It is very interesting that Dr. Ahn uses the word “sacrifice” to describe his act of forfeiting the unrefundable expenses. It is very obvious that he considers his act “sacrifice”. But what is not clear here is whether he regards the act as sacrifice made to himself or as sacrifice made to God. Why is this point important? It is because the sacrifice may not be considered sacrifice by God even though Dr. Ahn may personally consider it sacrifice to God.

Consider the case of Cain’s sacrifice in Genesis 4. Cain proudly presented his sacrifice to God. He thought God should accept it and honor him before his brother, Abel. But God didn’t look his sacrifice with favor! This clearly shows that there is a big difference between what we consider sacrifice and what God considers acceptable sacrifice.

In Luke 18:10-14, the tax collector didn’t claim that he made fantastic sacrifice to God but he only asked God’s mercy upon his sin. But the Pharisee proudly declared that he sacrificed a lot to serve God, maybe even cancelling his vacation plan. Surprisingly, Jesus considers the tax collector more righteous than the Pharisee! This clearly shows that our righteousness does not depend on our sacrifice.

So I now ask again. When Dr. Ahn claims that he made sacrifice, what did he exactly sacrifice? Maybe he didn’t sacrifice anything but did exactly what the Pharisee did in Luke 18:10-14.
4th-Oct-2006 08:43 pm (UTC) - Dr. Ahn's personal theology is 'expereintial'
That is a really great observation regarding the crux of ubfin life testimony. This life testimony is meant to lure others into following his path to ubf enlightenment. Sadly, it is not through the words of God.
The bad testimony of Dr. Ahn bothered me in several ways. First, it is a cover up of a lifelong system of church abuse. It is OK because he is now a ubfdoctor. So what?

Second, Dr. Ahn is playing the ubf game of dungeons and dragons, substituting his family's existence as if his family is actually that of Abraham in the Bbile. Did St. Paul ever claim to be Abraham, Isaac orJospeh? Never. Do you ever hear a respectable Christian leader comparing his life to Joseph or his family to Abraham's? Of course not, but at ubf they do this all the time. Every week they claim they are somebody else whether it is Abraham or Joseph or Nicodemus or Jesus himself, ubf plays this vicarious game of substituting themselves for the Bible characters.

And today what bothered me is this Dr. Ahn is now a mouthpiece of ubf 'experiential theology'. The definition of this is "advocacy theologies that make human experience their orientation point. Among them are: gender theologies (feminist, lesbian, goddess); pluralist theologies (Jesus Seminar); postmodernist theologies; and process theologies."

To the above list of experiential theologies, I would like to propose 'ubfist theology'. The definition of ubfist theology is 'the more hard-core and whacked-out a ubfin, the holier and closer to God a ubfin is.' ubfist theolofy exists apart from any study or adherence to any Bible principles. ubfist theology stands on it's own merits, which are the creation of ubf leders, essentially the carnal and biased ideas of the now dead Ee Chang Woo, alias Samuel C. Lee. When listening to a ubf message, listen for the ubf experiential theology contained in the message, for it will be the definitive meaning of ubf, of the past, of the present, and for the future.

In summary, ubfins are not learning the Bible, but they are learning all kinds of strategies to make people confused about God, so that recruits may become pliable and caught in the ubf system. Genuine Bible study will free a distressed soul from the ubf experiential theology prison.
17th-Oct-2006 10:00 pm (UTC) - Re: Dr. Ahn's personal theology is 'expereintial'
I would like to add my agreement to Nick's posting. When he defines UBF theology as: "The more hard-core and whacked-out a ubfin, the holier and closer to God a ubfin is." For those reading here who may not have experienced UBF first hand, I can tell you it is true that the crazier the idea, the more holy it must be, in UBF. It's enough to drive an observer crazy themselves.
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