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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
13th-Oct-2006 06:13 pm

Has anyone seen the link on the main UBF site that says "UBFTV.org - Coming soon..."? Did UBF hire a marketing consultant? Just before I left UBF in 2005 I read a memo about making a concerted effort to improve each chapter's website and suggested buying ads on google.com. I’m sure this was a response to the fact that many of the top search engine results refer to UBF as a cult. Also, if you don't have someone to build a website for your chapter they will build one for you that looks like their main site.

It seems that UBF has found a new mission field, a virtual one. This has both pros and cons. The con is that they may have found a new way to recruit unsuspecting college students. The pro is that this may provide us an opportunity to expose their false teachings. Although, I doubt they’ll be talking about “marriage by faith” openly on this new website. Due to sites like RSQUBF, I think they feel compelled to become more open whereas before they could be somewhat reclusive. Even though I’m sure they will putting their best foot forward, perhaps this type of exposure will ultimately lead to their downfall.

I guess they had printed, audio, and video messages for a little while now but now it seems they have a new domain dedicated exclusively for this purpose. Can you honestly see college students walking around campus watch Ron Ward on their iPods? And if they do will they get credit for attending that meeting? Maybe all the chapters will just watch this rather than having someone in their local chapter regurgitate the same message. This might serve to make them more homogeneous than they already are.

14th-Oct-2006 12:22 am (UTC)
This testimony by Dr. Joseph Schafer is bashing "Topical Bible Study" in an effort to glorify Dr. Samuel Lee by giving him too much credit for his style of Bible study, expositional Bible study. But Dr. Joseph Schafer's argument has no theological and even intellectual merit in it. This MIT-educated professor is only making a statement that is considered politically correct in UBF organization.

Since UBF is posting all its unconventional theology on the web, it is easy to spot what's on UBF leaders' mind. Dr. Joseph Schafer's testimony clearly reveals that UBF leaders have interest only in studying and teaching what is politically correct in UBF even though it is biblically and theologically incorrect. I am so surprised at the mindlessness of the MIT-educated professor.
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